Saguache News – November 18

Saguache Serves Up Gratitude Tomorrow, Nov. 19

Saguache’s annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner will be held tomorrow Sunday, Nov. 19 at the Community Building. The event begins at 5 p.m. and include all the traditional fixings, from turkey to stuffing to potatoes, all top off with some pumpkin pie!thanksgiving saguache

Everyone is invited and as the flyer says, “Come Together and Enjoy!” The community building is located at Christie & 7th Streets.

The Thanksgiving dinner will be sponsored by again this year by The Colorado Trust. Last year’s meal was a big hit! The food was delicious and prepared and served by a group of volunteers, bringing grateful hearts together under one roof.

Video from 2015 Thanksgiving Community Meal

Last year, the hall was filled with lively conversation and laughter as generations of families from diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs broke bread together in honor of the national day of gratitude. 

It was a packed house at the Thanksgiving Community Meal in Sagauche on November 22.

It was a packed house at last year’s Thanksgiving Community Meal in Sagauche – see you on Sunday.

This year the entire cost of the meal – will again be picked by The Colorado Trust (CT), a health foundation dedicated to ending inequalities that affect racial, ethnic, low income and other vulnerable populations.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Saguache News – November 17

New Coffee House Opens in Saguache Today

As the colder months and winter comes on, it’s nice to know that there’s a new coffeehouse open in Saguache Today! So, it’s a big WELCOME and CONGRATULATIONS to The Wapiti Coffeehouse located at 319 San Juan Avenue behind the 4th Street Food Store in downtown Saguache.

The Wapiti Coffee House

The Wapiti Coffeehouse located at 319 San Juan Avenue in downtown Saguache is now open seven days a week.

The newly-fulfilled dream of Stephanie and Dave Buechler, the eatery had their official Grand Opening on November 15 and were warmly embraced by the local community.

“WoW!! What a day!” Stephanie reported from The Wapiti Coffeehouse Facebook Page. “Dave and I are still dumbfounded, amazed, happy, humbled by the show of support the Saguache and SLV communities have given us. Folks from all over the San Luis Valley came in yesterday giving us gifts, words of encouragement and wisdom. . . We are so excited to continue on with this new adventure!”


Dave and Stephanie Dave Buechler making their dreams of The Wapiti Coffeehouse come true one paint stroke at a time last spring. Congratulations! The new business is open 7 days a week.

Transplants from Kentucky, the couple has been visiting and investing in the San Luis Valley for years, finally making the jump to full-time residents this fall. And while they will be closing the day-to-day chapters on their former lives and business, the Buechlers certainly bring years-and-years of entrepreneurial experience to the San Luis Valley.

The Wapiti Coffeehouse menu offerings consist of everything from the morning fare of pastries, bagels and Sunday waffles, then moving diners through lunch with homemade soups, customized salads and sandwiches served on freshly baked breads, to and staying open for the daily after-work crowd who now have one more option for “What’s for Dinner?”

Guests can expect to see such unique offerings as baba ganoush, squash soup, black walnut latte, sunflowerseed bread, and even lavender muffins.  If you’re looking for something hot and comforting on a cold winter day, The Wapiti offers everything from French Press coffee to a wide array of organic teas, to espressos and cappuccinos.

Readers may also be interested to know that aside from the culinary fare, the couple will also add to the burgeoning arts and entertainment scene that has been humbly growing in downtown Saguache in recent years. And tonight, residents and visitors can get their first taste of what’s in store.

cropped-colorado-coffee-house-1On Friday, Nov. 17 from 6 – 8 p.m. The Wapiti Coffeehouse will host an opening reception for local artist Sarah Krantz. A Saguache resident, Krantz has a long history in the creative arts, working with a vast variety of mediums from acrylics to stained glass to landscape design, where she won first place in this year’s Saguache Hollyhock Festival for best whimsical garden.

If you can’t make it tonight, Sarah Krantz’s metals and glass work will be showcased at The Wapiti from November 15 through the end of the year, December 31.

 For more information, check out The Wapiti Coffeehouse website or stay connected with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Saguache News – November 15

Supplemental Food Distribution in Saguache Thursday

Supplemental Commodity Distribution_Saguache_4

Supplemental Food Programs are available in Saguache Today. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

The next Supplemental Commodity Distribution and Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) will be today, Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017 from 2 – 3:30 p.m. at the commodity building at 505 3rd Street in Saguache. Later they will be in Center from 10:30 a.m. – 12 noon in Center at the Kiwanis Building at 5th & Broadway.

Everyone is welcome for the supplemental distribution!

If available, please bring proof of income, residency, and photo id. If you are having someone pick up for you, don’t forget to send in your proxy form. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.  

Seniors Saving Money with SHED in Saguache Today

Saguache County seniors are taking advantage of the SHED (Saguache Healthy Elders Discount) program and saving hundreds of dollars every week at the 4th Street Food Store.

The weekly truck arrives with more food to re-stock the shelves at the 4th Street Food Store in downtown Saguache. Photo: Saguache Today/Lynn Nowiskee.

To sign up for SHED membership, you must be 60 years of age or older and reside in Saguache County.  Members receive a 20% discount on all food purchases at the nonprofit grocery.  Ride-share and/or grocery delivery service also is available through SHED.

The program, started last fall with generous support from the Saguache County commissioners, is intended to help seniors on fixed incomes who earn too much to qualify for other assistance but still struggle to make ends meet. 

Participation is increasing steadily as awareness of the program grows.   Nearly 40% of our customers now are taking the SHED discount, and we encourage eligible residents to do so as needed.

From squash to cherries, summer’s fruits & vegetables are coming soon to 4th St Food Store.

With the discount, on prices already significantly lower than those offered at comparable health or local food stores, low-income residents no longer need to drive 100 or so miles roundtrip to shop for healthy choices.

That saves time, gas money, wear and tear on vehicles, and it keeps more tax dollars in Saguache County.

The 4th Street Food Store, a nonprofit project of Saguache Works, is dedicated to providing affordable access to fresh, healthy food, to supporting Valley food producers and to creating jobs for area residents. Lower prices, and SHED discounts, leave very little margin to cover overhead expenses and to pay store staff.   Saguache Works very much appreciates, therefore, those senior customers who can afford to pay full price and decline to take food discounts.

To sign up for SHED, or to inquire about ride services, stop by the 4th Street Food Store, at 404 4th St. in downtown Saguache, or call 719-655-0216.

Latest News – November 13

Vendor Booth Available for Holiday Bazaar

The 7th Annual Holiday Bazaar will be held this year on Saturday, Dec. 2 in the Saguache Community Building. Vendor applications are now available for this event, which is one of several fundraisers held throughout the year sponsored by the Friends of the Saguache Public Library.Holiday Bazaar Goodies

The event starts at 9 a.m. and runs through 3 p.m. There are still vendor booth available at $10/table. There will be lots of homemade Christmas treasures to decorate your home and tree with. In addition, find that special gift for that hard-to-buy-for-person on your holiday list.

This year there will be a donation drawing for decorated Christmas Tree and an hourly door-prize giveaway! Arts! Crafts! Food!

 The Friends of the Library meets monthly on the second Friday of each month at 10:45 a.m. at the library located at 702 Pitkin Ave. in Saguache.  Everyone is welcome.

Latest News – November 9

Firefighter Appreciation Dinner Plans Underway

Villa Grove Fire Station_Saguache Today

The Northern Saguache Fire Protection District includes the Fire Station in Villa Grove. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell.

The men and women of the volunteer fire departments spend hours each month providing services to local communities. In addition to firefighting they maintain the trucks, work on the firehouses, as well as train in CPR, Hazardous Materials and other first aid, firefighting strategies and other topics as needed without any pay for their time, efforts and knowledge.  They are called to assist with traffic accidents, search and rescue, flooding, fire and other emergencies.  They are often the first to arrive  at the scene. Do you that when a call goes out in our district four department’s respond? Crews from Crestone, Moffat,  Villa Grove/Bonanza and Saguache.

Several people have come together to organize the first annual firefighters appreciation night. They are planning a special dinner for volunteers and guests at either a local establishment or catered and held in the District. There are 41 active volunteers and about 12 retired firefighters so they’re estimating approximately 100 people might attend. A quick estimate for the total cost is well over $1000. If you would like to help with the event, they can use you! Maybe you would like to help with setup and/or cleanup for the evening, or maybe you would like to donate for the cost of the evening.

The District is aware and very much in support of this activity. All donations will be processed through the District’s bank account for transparency. Checks should be made payable to Northern Saguache County Fire Protection District and marked APPRECIATION.


Firefighters hit this house fire hard with the water hose last February 2017. Their efforts paid off, extinguishing the blaze with no report of injuries. Photo: Saguache Sheriff Deputy Wayne Clark.

Mail your donations to Linda Stagner at NSCFPD, PO Box 556, Saguache, CO 81149. If you have questions please contact Linda Stagner at (719)256-4385 or Chris Pacheco at (719) 221-3762. The volunteer firefighters of the Northern Saguache County Fire Protection District are truly an asset to the communities in Saguache County. Can they count on you to say Thanks to them?


Latest News – November 5

Fall Back

Latest News – November 2

Learn About Victim’s Advocacy in Saguache Today

The Saguache County Sheriff’s Office Victim’s Advocate group invites all interested county residents to attend the Victim’s Advocate Academy November 13-14 to be held at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in the conference room. Saguache Sheriff BadgeThis event will give prospective victim’s advocates and the general public an in-depth look at several aspects of victimology in Saguache County and the San Luis Valley.

Please call Ellen Cox at 719-655-2544 by this Friday, Nov. 3 to register to attend this informative conference.

More information: Colorado Victim Assistance Academy (CVAA)

In 1999, Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) received a grant from the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) in Washington, D.C. to establish the Colorado Victim Assistance Academy (CVAA). VSN_Mission_GraphicThe CVAA was modeled on the curriculum established by OVC for use in the National Victim Assistance Academy. The purpose of the Academy is to provide basic victim advocacy training to people working with victims of crime and to emphasize the importance of social networking and collaboration to enhance services provision in the victim services field. The curriculum embraces the entire scope of victim services, and has been enhanced to address unique and specific issues in Colorado.

The Academy is an intense experience, but one that will most definitely enhance your ability to work with victims of crime. The knowledge and skills you gain will increase your level of confidence. You will be with peers who share your challenges. We are looking forward to working and learning with you at the Academy!