Latest News – November 4

Saguache County Voters Select School Board Members

Saguache County voters took the polls yesterday to make their voices heard! And here are the results.Saguache_Election Ballot_BoxPost

At the local level, in the school board election for the Mountain Valley School District, voters tallies the following numbers, according to Jane Whitten with the Saguache  County Clerk and Recorder’s Office. The top three will be seated on the school board:

  • Lacy N Reed – 291 votes.
  • Mona Kay Lovato – 285 votes.
  • Christan R Archuleta – 279 votes.
  • Randy Arredondo  – 173 votes.

As for the only state ballot issues, Saguache County voters lined up with the rest of Colorado voters by approving Prop BB with 70.4% (972 votes) in favor and 29.5% opposed (407 votes). Now that the measure has been secured, $66 million dollars in marijuana taxes, has been approved to spend on schools and drug-abuse prevention.

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