Latest News – February 29

Super Tuesday in Saguache County is March 1

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 1 is Super Tuesday and in Colorado that means it’s caucus time! So if you’re registered with a party and plan to participate in the process, here is some news and information you can use, including where and when precinct caucuses will take place in Saguache County.

Local Elections Matter!

Local Elections Matter!

 The caucus is simply the first and most important step in the multi-step political election process.  If you do not participate in the precinct caucus, the choices of candidates to vote for will be determined by those who do attend their caucuses.  In Colorado, both Democrats and Republicans hold their precinct caucuses on the same day; this year, Tuesday, March 1 at 7 p.m.  Every precinct in every county in the state will be holding their caucuses that evening.

There are 7 Precincts in Saguache County, and all will be holding caucuses from 7 – 9 p.m. in various locations from Saguache, to Crestone to Center, and Moffat in between.  The full schedule, including locations for BOTH democratic and Republican caucuses can be found HERE.

For questions and additional information, contact Saguache County Democratic Chair Lynne Thompson at 719-754-9163 or Richard Drake, Saguache County Republican Chair at 719-256-4215.

Also please note the following dates for party Assemblies:

  • Republican Assembly March 12, Saguache County Road and Bridge Building
  • Democratic Assembly March 13, Saguache Community Building.

spacerSaguache County 2016_Caucuses


spacerSome background information about caucuses.

Caucuses are simply meetings with your friends and neighbors who are registered with the same political party. In order to vote you must have been a resident of your precinct for at least 30 days and have been registered to vote no later than 29 days before the caucus.  You must also have been affiliated with the party for at least 2 months before the caucus.  Anyone who turns 18 or becomes a naturalized US Citizen and has registered to vote during the two months prior to caucus is also eligible to vote.  Although only those registered can vote, both parties allow any interested person to sit in on the caucus process.

You may register online at your state party website to attend your caucus, but you can also just show up (although you will need to arrive early enough to ensure you can get checked in). You will need identification.  The party secretary will have an updated list of everyone registered to that particular party in the County.

After a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, the usual agenda at the caucus is to elect a designated number of alternates and delegates to the county assembly, elect precinct committee people (2 per precinct) to represent each precinct at the county level, and discuss possible resolutions, which is the first step in drafting the party platforms.  Often candidates will attend to give their positions and ask for support.  Sometimes there are straw polls for national candidates. There is always a plethora of printed material from hopeful candidates.

The caucus format can favor candidates who have a dedicated and organized following because a small band of devoted volunteers can exert an outsized influence in the open setting of a caucus and ensure that their supporters are elected to be county assembly delegates. Usually toward the end of the precinct caucus, there is a lively political discussion of candidates and their pros and cons.

Here’s a video from the Colorado Democratic Party about Caucuses


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