Latest News – March 21

Colorado Trust Releases Report Regarding Saguache 

Last week, The Colorado Trust released its report regarding its findings on Saguache. As part of their new Community Partnership initiative, the “healthy equity foundation” hosted a number of community gatherings and contracted with local residents to informally solicit information and data from Saguache residents. Their findings can be read on The Colorado Trust’s website: LINK.

Readers can also watch the accompanying video, which highlights perspectives from lifelong residents, but seemingly leaves out much regarding the recent downtown revitalization efforts by local business owners, the chamber, country tourism efforts and an ever burgeoning arts community.spacer


The Colorado Trust, a statewide philanthropic foundation hired Arden Trewartha, one of five new Community Partners.  Based around the state, the Community Partners are longtime rural Colorado residents.

Trewartha has been meeting with community members in the San Luis Valley to discuss opportunities, challenges, and issues that impact the health of their family, friends and neighbors for over a year. The plan is to partner with communities and help them come up with their own plans and ideas to improve health and well-being for people who lived in the San Luis Valley.

It was a packed house at the Thanksgiving Community Meal in Saguache on November 22, which was hosted by The Colorado Trust

It was a packed house at the Thanksgiving Community Meal in Saguache on November 22, which was hosted by The Colorado Trust

Last summer, the Colorado Trust Fund hosted a couple of community gatherings. The first was the Hogs & Hot Air Festival on June 21, where more than 60 locals listened to ranchers tell tales and afterward, were treated to a community meal which included local pork, potatoes, green chili and churros. Then in November, the Colorado Trust brought folks together around the table again for the Annual Saguache Thanksgiving Community Meal.

Most recently the foundation hosted a free-meal community gathering in late February at the Oasis Restaurant to discuss youth needs. According to the foundation’s website, Laurie Vigil, who works at the Oasis restaurant and drives the school bus, has been contracted with The Colorado Trust to work as a community organizer. According to one person in attendance approximately 30 people were at the information exchange as residents reported back on their findings.

Community Partner Arden Trewartha lives in Buena Vista and may be contacted at or by telephone 719-239-1200.


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