Latest News – March 27

Have a Blessed Easter in Saguache

Easter_St Agnus Altar

Easter Services for St. Angus Catholic Church in Saguache will be at 8 a.m. Easter Sunday. Photo: Saguache Today

Easter Egg Hunt Planned in Saguache Today

Here comes Peter Cottontail Hopping Down the Bunny Trail! It’s time to gather all the basket-toting kiddos for the 4th Annual Saguache Community Easter Egg Hunt. Egg Basket


The annual event takes place in Otto Mears Park Park today, Easter Sunday at 11 a.m. It begins with an opening prayer by Eddie Garcia and then fun for all kids.

The event has been coordinated by community organizers Cindy Archuleta, Laurie Vigil, Carla Quintana, Linda Abeyta, Jan Lovato and many other volunteers who also received a small grant from the town, but everything else has been donated.

“We will give away 6 bicycles, boys and girls for each age group,” stated egg hunt organizer Cindy Archuleta. “We’re hoping to give away an older kids bike this year.”

Children can get their chance to win a bicycle by entering a drawing. They will also have a water balloon toss right after the egg hunt. Everything is donated: eggs, baskets, prizes of all sorts and money. 

Otto Mears Park is located in Saguache, between Christy and Pitkin on Highway 285.

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