Latest News – April 20

“Growing” Discussion Scheduled May 12 in Saguache

Happy 420! Across Colorado for years now this familiar greetings can be heard on April 20, including in Saguache Today. Recreational marijuana has been legal in the state of Colorado for four years already, medicinal for sixteen. What remains a Schedule 1 Substance in other states, has become Colorado’s latest boom. And the San Luis Valley is no different. So in honor of Mary Jane’s “Unofficial Birthday,” here’s some marijuana news.

The May 12 Meetign in Saguache will discussed proposed changes about marijuana cultivation in the San Luis Valley.

The May 12 Meetign in Saguache will discussed proposed changes about marijuana cultivation in the San Luis Valley.

There will be a public hearing on Thursday, May 12 to discuss the proposed changes to the Saguache County Land Development Code, and more specifically, when it relates to marijuana, specifically it’s cultivation. The meeting is being presented by the Saguache County Board of Commissioners

And is open to the public. It will be held at the Saguache County Road and Bridge  Meeting Room located at 305 3rd Street at 1 p.m. on May 12.

For those versed and involved enough in this “growing” business in Saguache County, the proposed changes and clearly outlined definition of terms and legalese, can be found HERE.

Online reactions to the proposed changes on social media have ranged from

“Seems it’s just another way for the county to milk more money out of the very few ppl that live in Saguache county”

To the solution-oriented:  “keep out the huge, legal commercial/corporate grows and the large illegal grows. The ones who grow hundreds or thousands of plants at a time and plot on how to get rich at our expense. At least then water won’t be an issue.” 

Should be an interesting meeting as the discussion on this booming industry continues to grow.spacer

Do You Know Your “MJ” Lingo – A Pot Pop Quiz

How much do you think you know about this “growing” business? Well, if you’re an old hippie, probably not as much as you think! So here’s a Pot Pop Quiz from Saguache Today’s sister news site Leadville Today where the marijuana industry includes pot shops and grow facilities that have brought new words to the daily discussion.pot-quiz



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