Latest News – June 3

Reminders for Those Who Live in Saguache Today

Happy Friday! It’s going to be a beautiful weekend in Saguache and summer is in the air. The Town of Saguache wants to bring folks the following reminders as you get out and start cleaning up, sprucing up and getting your summer on in Saguache Today.Watering Lawns_Saguache Today

spacerWatering Yards and Trees – At this time there are no watering restrictions. However, please conserve water, usually watering 30 to 45 minutes in one area is sufficient for grass shrubs and trees. There have been some interesting ice sculptures in town indicating that water was left to run through the night! Ice building upon grass and shrubs and trees will stunt the growth. Water is a precious resource, use it wisely!

Sign Reminder – Please do not put any kind of signs on the light poles in downtown Saguache on 4th Street. If you’re planning to place Garage Sale or lost dogs etc. on town light posts, you must get permission from the town to do so. per the town nuisance ordinance. after permission is given, the signs must be removed within three days after the event. please contact the town hall (719)-655-2232 with any questions.

Information: Streetlights – Please call the town hall to report problems to streetlights. the clerks will contact excel energy to get the problem remedy (719)-655-2232.

Toughest Hollyhock_Saguache TodayUtility ON/OFF – When your home needs water and sewer to be turned on or off, please contact town hall. Turn on service has a fee of $30, plus the monthly water and sewer amount which can be prorated. There is no fee for turnoff requests. The forms are available at the town hall Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

A Reminder: Alleyway and Town Right-of-Way Cleanup – With the extra rain and sunshine yard cleanup is on people’s minds. Remember that properties with an alley are responsible for maintaining for ½ width of the alleyway. Check the branches from trees on your property to see if they’re overhanging into the alley. A lot of your neighbors use the alley to access their homes and overhanging branches can scratch vehicles and is be a pain to drive through. Remember, that property owners are also responsible for the front area of their lots, up to the edge of the ditch, or to edge of the sidewalk if you have one, to the road. Every one helping out in maintaining alleys and portions of the right ways makes a difference and it is appreciated.

Job Announcement – The Town of Saguache is accepting applications for the position of the Town Administrator.  Main responsibilities include planning, organizing, grant writing, and administering and coordinating municipal activities. For more information on this position: LINK. Contact Saguache Town Clerk Teresa Garcia at 719-655-2232. Deadline for application is June 17, 2016 by 3 p.m.spacerTrees_Easment_Saguache Today

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