Latest News – June 22

Foster Care Needed in Valley for Week, or More

Throughout the San Luis Valley there is a great and growing need for foster families. And there are many options for you to help. Sometimes, it’s about taking in a child for a week over the summer break, while other situations require a more long-term commitment to a child.

Foster Family ♥

Foster Family ♥ lives in the San Luis Valley today!

But either way, the truth is that more children from our counties are in foster care outside of the San Luis Valley than within. Most agree that children in these situations thrive closer to their “roots,” rather than being fostered to a city further away. Therefore if you feel you might be called to this work, or would like info about foster care, contact Mary Morin at 719-580-6234.

The word “foster” means to help someone grow and develop. It also means to take care of someone’s needs. Foster parents are people – other than a kid’s parents – who give a kid a safe place to live and grow. Foster parents take kids into their homes and take care of them for as long as kids need.

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