Latest News – July 8

“The Good Life” Opens in Downtown Saguache

It’s Summertime in the San Luis Valley! So what better way to celebrate “The Good Life” than with an art exhibit with the same name?!

In May, New York Photogrpaher and Writer Ariel Goldberg presented her exhibit "Straight Photography" at The Range in downtown Saguache. Photo: Saguache Today

In May, New York Photographer and Writer Ariel Goldberg presented her exhibit “Straight Photography” at The Range in downtown Saguache. Photo: Saguache Today

This Saturday, July 9 is the official opening of “The Good Life” exhibit at The Range gallery in downtown Saguache.  While Brooklyn NY artists Kathryn Kerr and Sophy Naess might live hundreds of miles across the country, it will be their 5 week visit to the San Luis Valley that will be highlighted at the show. 

 The art opening  will be held tomorrow from 4 – 6 p.m. at The Range gallery, 307 4th Street in downtown Saguache.

“The Good Life” takes its title from a book by Helen and Scott Neating, who staged a strategic withdrawal from New York City in the 1930s and moved to rural Vermont. They arranged their days so that they could spend four hours doing bread labor, four hours working with the community and four hours  pursuing independent interests.  They self published pamphlets of their philosophy of non-exploitation, sustainability and social justice in everyday life.

According to an article in this week’s Saguache Crescent newspaper, artists Kerr and Nepsy have been impressed by the unique circumstances presented to them by The Range Gallery. Both are visiting from Brooklyn and the exhibition offers a record of their past five weeks in Saguache.

Entitled "Aaron Carter and Johan Björk", here's an original piece by artist Sophy Naess

Entitled “Aaron Carter and Johan Björk”, here’s an original piece by artist Sophy Naess

“The Good Life” offers a multi-media documentation of the people, places, and things the artists have encountered during their trip. Cultural events such as the art opening are the good fruits of many efforts. And that includes a generous lodging donation. While the visiting artists were here, they stayed at a home owned by Saguache artist Judith Page, in what is locally known as the Judy House, a place where visiting artists can come together  and create.

The art exhibit will run through August 15. The Range gallery  is described as an artist space for exhibitions, events, and visiting artists. It was established in 2015 by  Alex DeCarli & Adrienne Garbini. The Range is located at 307 4th Street and visitors are encouraged to ring the bell or set an appointment. 646-734-1373 or



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  1. do believe it’s helen and scott nearing


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