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Hollyhocks & Art Celebrated July 30 in Saguache

The tourist season is in full swing in Saguache Today. And nothing says summertime like the 5th Annual Saguache Hollyhock Festival which will be held this coming Saturday, July 30 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.Saguache HollyHock Festival Map

A favorite among locals, this celebration of flowers has grown in popularity, finding many San Luis Valley residents joining in the joy that gardens bring!  So if you’re looking for the shade of the tall trees and haven’t stopped into town for a while to see what’s new in Saguache, be sure to include this self-guided walking tour on next weekend’s plans.

The celebration of Saguache’s official flower commemorates the dedication of early settlers who brought the hollyhocks and old-fashioned roses to the area. Their thoughtful efforts are in full bloom this time of year and a beautiful sight to see!

Hollyhock Festival goers will begin their route at Otto Mears Park in Saguache. Check in at the Community Building anytime from at 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. More than a dozen gardens, some with Hollyhocks, some without, will be on display as gardeners compete for generous prizes.

Attendees to the 5th Annual Hollyhock Festival will see glorious gardens and hardly Hollyhocks like this one located in front of the Smith Market Gallery which has stoically earned the title of "Toughest Hollyhock in Saguache!

Attendees to the 5th Annual Hollyhock Festival will see glorious gardens and hardly Hollyhocks like this one located in front of the Smith Market Gallery which has stoically earned the title of “Toughest Hollyhock in Saguache!

In addition to the delightful tour, master gardeners will hold a plant clinic. So if you’ve been wondering what’s been going on with your green thumb, this is the place to do it!  And be sure to bring the kids along for a special session on how to create a Hollyhock doll; of course the adults are welcome too! There will also be Hollyhock plants which will be potted and available to buy for your garden!

In addition to the beauty created by Mother Nature, local galleries will have their artwork on display, many pieces highlighting the delightful Hollyhock. Artists also will display their work, all featuring the Hollyhock in various mediums – painting, needlework, carving, etc. At noon, winners of the best adult and juvenile art will be announced and garden prizes awarded.

From the Magpie Gallery, The Tin Bird Studio, Hauck Pedersen and The Range to Antiques, Etc., and the Fenton studio Pottery, and Smith Market Gallery just a few block off main street, if you haven’t visited in a while, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a thriving arts community in Saguache Today.

There are also a number of food options available. As part of the Hollyhock Festival there will be breakfast, snacks and lunch available in the Community Building from Mama Laurie’s Kitchen. So fuel up before you tour the gardens, or when you come back for the awards and announcements at high noon. In addition, those World Famous Root Beer Floats will also be offered by the Friends of the Saguache Public Library.

Once you arrive, you’ll want to make a day of it! There’s a lots of new and thriving businesses on 4th Street, Saguache’s downtown business and creative district. Be sure to visit the Welcome Center, along with the 4th Street Food Store, and Blue Earth Thrift & Mercantile.  Wander over to see a movie at the Cozy Castle Cinema.

There are also a few dining options in Saguache. Of course, the 4th Street Diner is a favorite among locals, and the Oasis Restaurant off the highway continue to draw in the crowds. However, new on the culinary scene is the Blue Earth Café which can be found on San Juan Street behind the Southwest bank. And could this be the weekend that the new bistro finally opens for pizza and cold beer?! This new downtown addition is looking great and is one of many exciting things happening in Saguache Today!

So make it a lovely day of gardens and art galleries in Saguache on Saturday, July 30. The Hollyhock Festival is sponsored by the Saguache Chamber of Commerce and made possible by generous contribution from various individuals, businesses and organizations, including Saguache County.spacer

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