Latest News – September 12

Literacy Wins Big With Friends’ Used Book Sale

The recent Used Book Sale to benefit the Friends of the Northern Saguache County Library District was an exciting page turner with a happy ending. The donated books found good homes during the month-long sale at the Masonic Building in downtown Saguache. Saguache LibraryThe Friends raised $2,500 thanks to book-lovers from across the San Luis Valley who came and found unique treasures for their personal libraries.

“Thanks to the generosity of the people who came to look at the books and take them to a good home,” stated Friends of the Library member Hillary Conroy. “We have cleared out all the books!”

While most of the books were sold, the leftovers were distributed as follows:

  • A large box of good children’s books to the school to give out to kids.
  • Six boxes of books, mostly large print, were distributed to the Veteran’s Home Lake facility.
  • Two boxes of books to the Nazarenes who will send them on to Reservations.
  • The Friends sent several boxes to Restore, an organization that will give books to many organizations/facilities. 

The proceeds raised from the Used Book Sale will be put towards all of the great Northern Saguache County Library District programs the Friends provide for kids and adults in Saguache Today. So enjoy, and now get to reading!

Also a reminder: The next regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Northern Saguache County Library District will take place tonight, September 12 at the Saguache Public Library at 4:45 PM. Public is welcome, as always. spacer

Yoga Classes Continue in Downtown Saguache Today

Take time to feel the body move with Gentle Yoga at the BeBop Studio in Saguache taught by Cynthia Nielsen of Radiant Flow.

Yoga classes continue at the BeBop Studio in Saguache taught by Cynthia Nielsen of Radiant Flow. Join the group Mondays at 10 a.m.

Practice makes perfect, even when it comes to Yoga. So why not recommit to your good health with the Yoga with Cynthia Nielsen, LMT in downtown Saguache Yoga. Classes are every Mondays strtaing at 10 a.m. at BeBop Studio, located next to Blue Earth Cafe.
This class is open to all levels, designed to help participants maintain and gain strength, build endurance, flexibility, and  balance. So, whether you’re just strating out or have been practicing the ancient art for years, come and join the group on Mondays! There is a $10 suggested donation.

Radiant Flow Cynthia resides in the Northern San Luis Valley. Her business Radiant Flow  offers yoga – massage – Watsu, as well as one on one yoga classes to prepare and encourage an ongoing home practice. Contact Cynthia.   719.298.0360.

If you’re looking for something a bit more fast paced to get the blood really flowing then consider the Zumba Classes, part of the Befit Exercise Program at BEBOP Studio in downtown Saguache. Instructor Julia Hammel has been seeing a growing group of enthusiastic Zumba-lovers. These classes are offered on Tuesday and Thursday at 4:15 p.m. Hammel also started a kick boxing cardio class on Friday at 4:15 p.m. No charge, just a good workout to improve your health! Everyone welcome!

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