Latest News – September 19

Enrollment for Catholic Religious Classes Next Sunday

St. Agnes Catholic Church Mission in Saguache is actively enrolling children in religious education classes. For parents or grandparents who have been considering Baptism and First Holy Communion for their children/grandchildren, plan to attend the local meeting next weekend to get more information.stagnes_saguachetoday_stained-glass

“After next Sunday’s 8 a.m. Mass (Sept. 25) there will be a meeting with parents and children concerning classes for baptism and holy communion,” said Lucille Gomez during weekly church  announcements, after services held at the historic church located off Highway 285, at 505 Gunnison Street.

Gomez went on to explain that Father Derrek Scott agreed to have religious education classes here in Saguache, instead of Catholics having to travel to other parts of the valley to have their children enrolled in the classes necessary for them to receive the sacraments of the Catholic faith. If there is enough interest and children enrolled, they will continue classes in Saguache.

Gomez explained that the decision was to encourage the many Catholics who live in Saguache Today to recommit to their faith, and make sure that their children are getting baptized and receiving First Holy Communion.

For parents, grandparents or anyone interested in learning more about the religious education classes being offered at St. Agnes Church in Saguache, please attend the enrollment and organizational meeting directly following 8 a.m. Mass on Sunday, September 25. Or you may also call Lucille Gomez with St. Agnes Catholic Church Mission at 719-849-1418.

stagnes_saguachetoday_churchSt. Agnes Church is part of the San Juan Catholic Community, with Rev. Derreck Scott serving as Pastor and Administrator. Their office is located at 425 Batterson Street in Monte Vista, CO and can be reached by phone at 719-852-26673 or email at


Catholic Community Offers Womens Retreat

Then on September 24 the next women’s retreat being offered by the San Juan Catholic Community will address the theme: God forgives all and God forgives always. Come and retreat from the worries of life for the day and gain special indulgences by entering one of the Holy Doors designated for the diocese.

The Women's Retreat will include a trip to Capilla De Todeos Los Santos.

The Women’s Retreat will include a trip to Capilla De Todeos Los Santos.

Adoration begins at 8 a.m. followed by Mass. Pilgrimage to the Capilla De Todeos Los Santos will follow after mass. Confession will be heard and prayer and mediation  will be provided for those unable to walk or travel to the shrine. A light breakfast snack will be provided. For more information, please contact the San Juan Catholic Community at 719-852-2673 or email:
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