Latest News – September 21

Social Media Class Offered at Mountain Valley Schools

If you see some of the students at Mountain Valley Schools using their smart phones and other mobile devices during school hours, don’t think that they’re goofing off. In fact, even if you see them on Facebook or You Tube, don’t assume that they are  using these applications for fun INSTEAD of applying themselves in school. In fact, those actions may just well put them at the head of the class.

The Mountain Valley Schools Sopcial Media enrichment team. Photo: @MVSpeak

The Mountain Valley Schools Sopcial Media enrichment team. Photo: @MVSpeak

This school year parents and students will see an increase in social media use in Saguache’s school district. Two teachers are offering classes in the 21st century communication subject. Amy Garoutte and Kait Hazard are both educating students on everything from taking pictures and video to how these media applications apply in the business world. What was once thought of as a passing fad, social media is now become a billion dollar business, and a career path that touches almost every other industry in one form or another.

Saguache Today will be supporting the MVS efforts toward social media education through supporting the school’s team as well as sharing the good work the students are producing. To that end, here’s the Social Media Enrichemnt Team’s MVS video newsletter. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to encourage the Saguache students and teachers on their creative efforts and studies!spacer


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