Latest News – September 28

Celebrate Sweetness at the Saguache Choclate Festival

All right, listen up all you chocoholics! It’s the beginning of the glorious sweet season. While the weeks between Halloween and Christmas are considered the thick of the season, why not get a jump start at this Saturday’s Saguache County 6th Annual Chocolate Festival?chocolate-saguache-today

Think of it as a chocolate fantasy land as friends and neighbors come together October 1 from 6 – 9 p.m. to celebrate the lovely sweet treat with concoctions of all shapes and sizes. The event will take place in the Saguache Community Building, next to Otto Mears Park.

Five bucks will get you in the doors for all the chocolate you can eat! Awards will be given for the best child and adult chocolate entry. Bring Grandma’s favorite recipe to share – anything with chocolate in it will do!

Then enjoy some light entertainment as you walk from booth to booth, learning about all of the various community programs and plans. There will also be a silent auction with proceeds from all of the evening’s fundraising efforts going toward the Saguache County Victim Advocate Program or the new Saguache County Justice Center. For any questions or if you wish to donate to the silent auction call Ellen at 719-655-2544.spacer

Girl Scouts Selling Sweet Treat for Savannah Trip

If you have to miss the Chocolate Festival or perhaps it just whets your appetite for more, then it’s the Saguache Girl Scouts to the rescue! While everyone looks forward to their cookies in the spring, the girls also sell a variety of fall products, including chocolates, nuts, and even magazines. They make great stocking stuffers for the upcoming Christmas season! Contact Girl Scout Troop Leader Crystal Gillette-Knight.

Crystal Gillette-Knight (left) and Saguache Girl Scout Adriana (right) sell home made goodies and gifts to help raise monies for the girls' August trip to Savannah, GA. Photo: Saguache Today

Crystal Gillette-Knight (left) and Saguache Girl Scout Adriana (right) sell home made goodies and gifts to help raise monies for the girls’ August trip to Savannah, GA. Photo: Saguache Today

This year, one of the big goals for the local scout group is a trip to the birthplace of Girl Scouts in Savannah Georgia for next August 2017.

“While the cost is high, the girls are working really hard on fundraising. They are very dedicated to making this trip a reality,” explained Gillette-Knight, one of the adult leaders from the Saguache Girl Scouts Troop #32659. During this summer’s Intertribal Pow-Wow in Saguache they sold handcrafted items and baked goodies to be put toward their Savannah trip. You can help them by purchasing some nuts and chocolate. Their sale ends October 16.spacer


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