Latest News – October 10

TiptonBannerI recently asked over 100,000 people across the Third Congressional District if they thought today’s kids are on track to be better off than their parents. Of those who responded, nearly 78 percent said no.

Many of us “Baby Boomers” have been lucky to experience the American Dream. After growing up in Cortez, CO, I had the opportunity to attend Ft. Lewis College and become the first person in my family to earn a college degree. After college, my brother and I started a business, and I met my wife, Jean. We welcomed two beautiful daughters into the world, then two sons-in-law, and just recently our second grandbaby.

For decades, we heard stories similar to ours from families in towns across the United States. But recently, it seems like the American Dream we experienced is out of reach for too many people. We’re changing this with the Better Way Agenda.

Our agenda is made up of six different planks focused on: poverty, national security, the economy, the Constitution, health care, and tax reform. Here’s an overview of the first half of the agenda:

  • A better way to address poverty: give people purpose by strengthening work requirements for government assistance programs, make sure people don’t lose needed benefits because they get married or take a higher-paying job, and reward results by utilizing government programs that work and shutting down programs that don’t.
  • A better way to grow our economy: regulate smarter by cutting down on needless red tape and making the regulations we do need more efficient. Stop relying on one-size-fits all mandates, and instead, put more power back into the hands of state and local governments.
  • A better way to restore Constitutional authority: Congress must write clear laws that leave no room for radical interpretation, and through Congress, the American people must have the final word over who is spending their money and where it’s being spent.

To solve the complex problems our country is facing today, we need to implement reforms that are going to have real impacts in our communities and on our families. The Better Way Agenda is the start of this work, and I look forward to sharing the second half of it with you soon.


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    The better way agenda. Let me think about that whilst I sip my coffee.


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