Latest News – December 8

Crestone Brewing Co. Supports ReCycling With Brew

For the month of December (or until they run out), Cestone Brewing Co. will be donating $1 of every “Recycling Superhero” sold to San Luis Valley Recycling Superhero, Bill Burch owner of the Waste Free SLV San Luis Valley Regional Recycling Center.

superhero“He and his wife Tina,” Crestone Brewing posted on their Facebook Page, “are two truly awesome human beings who make it possible for hundreds of people and businesses in the San Luis Valley to recycle.” They have had some issues with their truck lately, and without their vehicle what they do is not possible.

Crestone Brewing created Recycling Hero, a delicious Red IPA want to raise as much money as possible so “we can help them pay for the necessary repairs they need to KEEP ON TRUCKIN’ AND RECYCLING!”

You too can show Bill & Tina how much their services mean to the valley, the planet and all future Earthlings. Head over o Crestone Brewing  and enjoy a most delicious beer while helping save the planet, one sip at a time crestone-brewing-superhero-brew

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