Latest News – December 26

Got Boxes? Give Back Without Leaving Home!

Happy Boxing Day! While this December 26 holiday is most widely celebrated  in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and some other Commonwealth nations, thanks to a new initiative from Amazon, Boxing Day could take on a new place of honor in an already overscheduled holiday season.boxing-day

The traditional Boxing Day can be traced back to the Victorian era when servants of the wealthy were given time off to visit their families because their services were required for the Christmas Day celebrations of their employers. They were allowed time off the following day for their own observance of the holiday and each servant would be handed a box to take home, containing gifts, bonuses and sometimes leftover food.

Today, looking around any Saguache living room, it’s safe to say you’ve probably got a good stack of boxes piled up in the corner, waiting for their trip to the Saguache landfill/recycle bin. But what if those boxes could keep on giving? Turns out, they can, thanks to a new initiative from Amazon and the organization Give Back Box.

The two are teaming up to make it easy for you to donate your used items to Goodwill. Simply take your empty delivery boxes, fill them with items around the house that you’d like to donate and visit to print a shipping label for free. You can drop the box off at your nearest post office or UPS store or schedule a pickup through the website.

If you’re hoping to declutter your home for the new year, this couldn’t have come at a better time. As they say, out with the old and in with the new! Happy Boxing Day.Spac_50boxing-day-link

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