Latest News – January 5

Food Safety Class Offered in Saguache Late January 

The Saguache Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Alamosa County Public Health Department, will be offering a free, two-hour course, in Basic Food Safety. This class will be given on Friday, Jan. 27 at the Saguache County Road & Bridge Building. The class time is from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. Attendees may qualify for a Basic Food Safety Certificate that is valid for one year.spacer

Photo: Lynn Nowiskee/Saguache Today.

Do you work in a kitchen? Enjoy cooking? Then the FREE Basic Food Safety Classs offered on Januray 27 in Saguache is perfect! Photo: Lynn Nowiskee/Saguache Today.

spacerThis course covers the basic requirements for persons who work in commercial food establishments. Topics include hygienic practices, sick policies, hand washing requirements, food contamination and temperatures, safe food handling practices to prevent cross contamination, the danger zone, cooking temperatures, thawing procedures, rapid cooling and reheating and toxic chemical use and storage. 

This course is for all of you who prepare foods for the public, whether as a commercial food provider or an individual preparing foods for festivals, events, or other public functions. Come learn the do’s and don’ts of food preparation and serving. This course is also good for those who attend various events to shop. Having this basic knowledge will help you decide who you should buy food from and who you shouldn’t! 

If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to ensure your space, at or call 719-322-7298 and leave your name and the number of people who will attend. We hope to see you there as we prepare for the 2017 spring, summer, and fall festival seasons.

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