Latest News – February 13

Home Again Tote Program Launched in Saguache

Homegrown Totes, a nonprofit project of Saguache Works, launched a new program last week to promote the Home Again Tote (HAT) reusable shopping bags.  Check out this video where Andrea Sandoval with Saguache works exaplins the programs benfits to the consumer and the community!

It is easy to participate in this program: When you buy items from the 4th Street Food Store and/or Mercantile Thrift Shop, there will be an option to purchase a HAT bag for only $5.

Each HAT bag also comes with a punch card attached to the handle. Simply bring the bag back to use when you shop and you will receive a punch each time you reuse the bag. After ten punches, the card can be redeemed for $5 off your purchases!

It has never been easier to support your local nonprofit, reduce plastic waste and promote recycling!saguache-works-sale


The Mercantile Thrift Store is having a sale on RED clothing items. Get 1/2 off the price of all red clothing items during the month of February!

The Blue earth Mercantile Thirft Store is located in downtown at 406 4th Street. That special treasure you can’t live without is waiting for you or your sweatheart!

Yoga Classes Continue in Saguache Today 


New yoga classes start today at the BeBOP Studio in Saguache taught by Cynthia Nielsen of Radiant Flow. Join the group Mondays at noon. Photo: Lynn Nowiskee/Saguache Today

Yoga Class with Cynthia Nielsen, LMT continue at noon today (Mondays) in downtown Saguache. Classes cost $10 per session and are held at BeBOP Studio, located next to Blue Earth Cafe at 317 San Juan Avenue. This class is open to all levels, and a great opportunity to build your yoga practice. Classes will feature gentle stretch, balance and breath work. So, whether you’re just starting out or have been practicing the ancient art for years, come and join the group on Mondays! 

In the afternoons on Mondays, Nielsen is also offering chair massages by appointment. This has become a very popular option for local Saguache residents who do not wish to travel far for this therapeutic service.  Cynthia resides in the Northern San Luis Valley but will be available in Saguache on Monday for yoga at noon and massage in the afternoons. Contact Cynthia by phone at 719-238-0360 or via email at

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