Latest News – March 3

Girl Scout Cookies One More Week, Other Fundraisers

If you’ve already finished off your boxes of Girl Scout cookies, you’re in luck, because you have one more week to stock up as sales end on Friday, March 10. And if you’re looking to help out the local Saguache Troop’s efforts in their trip to Savannah, GA you can do so tomorrow, March 4 at their Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser. spacer

girls-scoutsspacerThis year, one of the big goals for the local scout group is a trip to the birthplace of Girl Scouts in Savannah Georgia for the end of May. The Girl Scouts have a number of upcoming fundraising events where you can help their efforts.

“While the cost is high, the girls are working really hard on fundraising. They are very dedicated to making this trip a reality,” explained Gillette-Knight, one of the adult leaders from the Saguache Girl Scouts Troop #32659.

And the local troop has been very active in the Saguache community giving back with one of  their most notable projects displayed proudly at Otto Mears Park – the new picnic tables, a project completed last summer by Saguache Girl Scout Alexandria Harrison and helpers.spacer

These beautiful new picnic tables can be enjoyed at Otto Mears Park thanks to the Saguache Girl Scouts.

These beautiful new picnic tables can be enjoyed at Otto Mears Park thanks to the Saguache Girl Scouts. Photo: Saguache Today.

spacerAs a goal towards her silver award, the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn, Harrison built the new picnic benches with help from other community members (READ STORY). It was great to see everyone enjoying those new tables during the Pow-Wow!

The Girl Scouts develop leadership skills and teamwork as they work on these projects mainly on their own, with some guidance from their troop leader, family and friends. But ultimately, they have to decide on a project, plan how they are going to make it happen, put a working team together, and raise the funds to make the plan a reality as well.

So how can you help the Saguache Girl Scouts? Well, certainly buying cookies is one way, and a delicious one at that, or attned one of the upcoming fundrasing events. Those interested in assisting or for anyone who wants cookies or has other questions, please contact Crystal Gillette-Knight at 515-783-5175 or by email: Donations can also be made to GIRL SCOUT Troop 32659, PO Box 406, Saguache, CO 81149.  


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