Latest News – March 27

A Mushroom-ing Business in Saguache Today!

There is “fungus among us” in Saguache Today! And that’s all thanks to San Luis Valley (SLV) Mushrooms

San Luis Valley Mushrooms is having a promotional event about these beautiful fungus at the 4th Street Food Store in downtown Saguache Today!

This sustainable gourmet and medicinal mushroom company will be having their first harvest and promotional event at the 4th Street Food Store in downtown Saguache Today, starting at 10 a.m.  Come in and pick up some fresh oyster mushrooms, talk shop or sign up for harvest notifications where you can purchase fresh mushrooms weekly direct from a harvest.

This new business started last December 2016 with a mission to create better food production, and waste reduction systems through mycology, biology, and technology.  In more simpler terms, it means good food, and yes, proven medicine provided by this special vegetable which comes in such interesting varieties as Blue, King, Pearl, Pink, Phoenix, and Yellow Oysters.

SLV Musrooms utilize spent grains and agricultural waste from local brewers and farmers as a substrate to grow 5 different species of mushrooms. Not once but 5 times over! After harvest, they take the spent substrate and turn it into all natural nutrient rich soil.

Come and learn the flavorful and health benefits of these fungus and then look for these delectables as your local Farmers Markets this Spring 2017. SLV Mushrooms can be reached at 719-298-2882 or 719-849-1817 or connect with them on the SLV Mushroom Facebook Page.

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