Latest News – April 5

Lozano Named New Manager At Sagauche Works

Saguache Works has promoted 4th Street Food Store manager Laura Lozano to the position of general manager of the grassroots nonprofit. In that capacity, she will oversee operations of the organization’s various projects and manage its downtown property.

Laura Lozano promoted to General Manager at Saguache Works.

Lozano, who has been with Saguache Works for more than a year, is well known to shoppers for her friendly smile, welcoming personality and outstanding customer service.  With a life-long interest in gardening, medicinal herbs and healthy eating, she possesses a wealth of knowledge and genuine interest in serving the community.

Raised in the San Joaquin Valley of California, Lozano spent 20 years raising a family in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, and has called the San Luis Valley home for seven years.  

With a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and diverse experience working with youth and seniors, she provides a welcoming and artistic presentation of Saguache Works’ products and services. 

Lozano will work closely with Marge Hoglin, the organization’s co-founder and executive director, thrift store manager Candice Hess, and the Saguache Works board of directors on continuing efforts to build a prosperous community. Congratulations, Laura!

Saguache Works includes a food store, thrift shop, fitness studio and welcome center, on 4th Street in Saguache. Photo: Saguache Today/ Kathy Bedell.

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