Latest News – April 25

Spay, Neuter Clinic for Cats on Saturday

Springtime means baby animals! And there’s nothing cuter than seeing a new baby calf, or maybe even a baby alligator if you’re living in the San Luis Valley!

But what’s not cute is the number of unwanted pets born this time of year. So to help pet owners in their repsonsibility to curb unwanted pet population from growing, there will be a low-cost spay and neuter clinic in town on Saturday.cats

The clinic will be held April 29 at the Community Building in Saguache! Female cats will cost $35 to have spayed and males $15 for neutering. Also, in order to help deter the feral cat population that seems to be growing in Saguache, feral cats will be spayed or neutered for free! They just have to be rounded up and brought to the community center on Saturday. Part of that process is having their ears tipped to identify them as being spayed or neutered.

It’s easy to register, and those wishing to take advantge of the program must pre-register in order to schedule a time. Please do the right thing and have your cats fixed to avoid the next generation of feral kittens in town.

Sag_Spay Neuter Clinic

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