Latest News – May 8

Orient Land Trust News You Can Use

As spring bursts forth in Saguache County, friends and neighbors shake off the winter cold, welcoming warmer weather and new life. It’s a good time to check in with the Orient Land Trust (OLT) and see what’s new at the historic Everson Ranch, Valley View Hot Springs and beyond.April OLT News

Calling all green thumbs! Everson Ranch garden is starting up for its second year of growing! We have been busy preparing the soil, putting up greenhouses and looking forward to another season of gardening fun! Remember last October’s Harvest Dinner serving up all those delicious farm to table delicious goodies? Now you can become involved from seed to table, by helping them with some gardening. Get your hands dirty at the historic Everson Ranch. Details can be found HERE.

Have you been out to the ranch lately? If not then be sure to stay in touch with them, and sign up for their newsletter here. This summer they have some fun events on tap, including the Kids Science Camp 2017 which unfortunately is FULL, but all the more reason to keep their event on your news feed. Stay connected HERE.

birdIf you love to view your fine-feathered friends, then be sure to mark May 20 & 21 on the calendar for the OLT’s bird watching workshop. Join nature photographer and bird watcher Jim Welch as he explores the beautiful and diverse specifics of birds on the OLT. There is no charge for this workshop. Details can be found HERE.

If you’re headed over to your annual spring sojourn at Valley View Hot Springs, you’ll find some new friendly faces there to welcome you! The facility is all staffed up and ready for the busy season. Are you? BTW, if you have some extra time, or maybe just a day here and there to volunteer, the OLT is a great – and definitely fun – place to do so. Check out more info: HERE.

The Orient Land Trust is a San Luis Valley Colorado non profit protecting over 2200 acres including Everson Ranch, Orient Mine and Valley View Hot Springs. 

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