Latest News – May 31

Hills Alive With Music in Saguache Today

With the summer season officially underway, it’s time to talk music. Festivals and live performances will be returning and popping up all over the San Luis Valley. So let’s check in with some local groups playing their hearts out in Saguache Today.

Saguache Today_Wolf At The Door band_Mary Johnson_1

Wolf at The Door debuted in downtown Saguache earlier this month. Look for them at a stage near you this summer! Photo: Leadville Today/Mary Johnson.

On May 19, Wolf at The Door debuted in downtown Saguache, showing off their strong rockin’ blues repertoire. Former classmates from Mountain Valley Schools rocked the night away as they celebrated their class reunion and got to dance to some oldies but goodies. Playing songs from blues artists such as BB King, this 11 piece band will be rocking your summer at a street fair near you!

Saguache Today_Wolf At The Door band_Mary Johnson_3

It was a cool start to the live music scene as the Class Reunion attendees lined the streets to hear the band and swap old school stories. 

Wolf at the Door includes the following musicians: Bruce Becker – Saxophone, Dennis Neuhaus – Fluegelhorn; Ed Johnson – Guitar; Pearl Alexander – sax and backup vocals; Rick Gortenz on keyboard/piano; Scott Alexander on drums and back up vocals; Tina Serna Backup vocals; Torey Murphy on bass guitar; Trey Hull – Lead Vocals.

Kicker is another newly formed band in Saguache Today and leans towards the country and rock genres. Band members includes Dale Hazard on Steel Guitar; Dennie Meuhaus – Bass Guitar; Ed Johnson – Guitar and Vocals; Micahel Brill – Guitar and Vocals; Pearl Alexander – Keyboard/piano and vocals; Scott Alexander – drums and vocals

Both groups recently donated their time playing for a Mountain Valley Booster Club fundraiser and as part of the 50th Anniversary of Mountain Valley Schools. So be assured that the heart of rock-n-roll is still beating in Saguache Today. Now get out on the dance floor!

Saguache Today_Wolf At The Door band_Mary Johnson_5

Newly formed band Wolf At The Door gets the dance floor hopping with some classic blues during the recent Mountan Valley School Reunion. Photo: Saguache Today/Mary Johnson.

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