Latest News – July 24

Meeting Postponed, Jury Duty Canceled

If there’s news to report in Saguache Today, it’s more about what will NOT be happening, rather than what IS happening.

After a rather impassioned exchange on social media platforms concerning  a discussion from the July 11 Town of Saguache Board meeting, the anticipated “emergency” meeting which was tentatively scheduled for tonight Monday, July 24 at 6 p.m. has been canceled.

Sheriff Meeting_1

When the issue is important, it doesn’t take much to pack the Town of Saguache Hall, like in January 2016 when public safety was the topic. Tonight’s “emergency” meeting has been canceled with the regular August 8 Town Board meeting still on the calendar to address lingering citizen concerns. Photo: Saguache Today /Lynn Nowiskee.

While tonight’s meeting will NOT be taking place, residents should be aware that the next regularly scheduled Town of Saguache Board meeting is Tuesday, August 8 in the Saguache Road & Bridge Meeting Room.

In other news of events NOT happening, jury duty for the Saguache Combined Court which was scheduled for tomorrow, July 25 was been cancelled. According to the court’s Facebook Page: If you have received a jury summons requiring you to appear in Saguache County on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 for jury duty, you DO NOT need to report. The trial scheduled for that day has been CANCELLED.

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