Latest News – July 31

Chamber Speaker Program Continues Tuesday

Tomorrow Tuesday, Aug. 1, the popular Saguache Chamber of Commerce Speaker Program continues  with Roland Gyallay-Pap, Development Director, Saguache County Sustainable Environment and Economic Development (ScSEED). The program begins at 6 p.m. in the County Road & Bridge Meeting Room at 305 3rd. St. in Saguache.


Roland Gyallay-Pap

Gyallay-Pap took over the duties of Development Director in April of this year. Roland has only moved to the Valley recently, having come to us from London, England. He explained that he has traveled to the Valley for the past 20 years, visiting his father who is a long-time Crestone resident. Roland’s Master Degree is in Applied Environmental Economics seems to be a perfect fit for his new role with ScSEED.

ScSEED’s is well known in Saguache County for its many environmental, economic, renovation projects. ScSEED was a key player in The Saguache Downtown Renovation project that brought new sidewalks, lighting, and a renewed sense of pride to the Town of Saguache.

ScSEED’s purpose as stated in their by-laws is ‘to work together as a community to develop a sustainable economy that builds on existing strengths, contribute to a strong integrated community, and protects the environment, rural lifestyle, and character of Saguache County”.

As Chamber Board President Barry Van Sant sees it, ScSEED’s purpose overlaps nicely with the Chamber’s purpose which “is organized to promote the business community, to organize civic functions, to provide community services and to encourage tourism and economic development within and for the Town of Saguache, Colorado and the surrounding community, and help promote Saguache County.”

Downtown_SaguacheToday post

Saguache Works thrives on 4th Street in downtown Saguache, thanks in part to ScSeed’s efforts. Photo: Saguache Today.

Come and hear Gyallay-Pap speak about himself and his thoughts and ideas about his role at ScSEED and his hopes for the future here in Saguache County. 

 The Chamber monthly meetings (as always) are open to the public. Please contact the Chamber at or call Barry at 719-322-7298 if you have any questions about this meeting or if you’d like to know more about the Chamber Speaker Program


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