Latest News – August 3

Mayor Addresses Town Resignations in Letter

Last week, the Town of Saguache was a buzz of news that “something” had happened on July 21, but no one seemed to know anything more than that. And while the social media platforms continue the discussion under veiled accusations, the Town of Saguache’s Mayor Greg Terrell finally released an official statement yesterday.


Saguache Mayor Greg Terrell (left) listens to a town resident during a visit to the 4th Street Food Store in Saguache, Colorado. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

Saguache Today had reached out to Mayor Greg Terrell last  week and while he didn’t respond at the time, here is his thoughtful point of view on the situation. Also please note that the next Town Trustee meeting is next Tuesday, August 8 at the Saguache County Road & Bridge meeting room at 6 p.m. As always, they are open to the public. There has also been discussion from citizens that someone will be in attendance to live stream, Saguache Today will keep you posted on that opportunity to join the conversation.

Letter from the Mayor of Saguache 08/02/2017:

I received the resignations of four Town Trustees on the afternoon of Friday, July 21st. Each one of these Trustees has been a valued and committed member of the Town Board. Their work dedication has benefitted the welfare of our Town. Trustees Hansen, Wilson, and Torrez brought to the Board a vast experience from Federal and County government, and private sector management. Being life-long residents of Saguache, their unique insight will be missed on the Board. Trustee Engquist deserves special praise. She has spent considerable time, energy, and expense representing and working for the Town of Saguache. Her devotion to the best interests of the citizens of this Town will be felt for many years, her mark on the Town, for generations. I sincerely thank them for that service, and for the privilege of serving with them. I hope that citizens will reach out and thank them all for their service.

Mayor Greg Terrell_2 copy

Saguache Mayor Greg Terrell

I have waited until now to make a statement about the resignations that occurred on the 21st, in hopes that I might have a more clear understanding. At present, I have no more insight or clarity, than I did on the 21st. Three of the former Trustees stated the resignations were due to “an unforeseen chain of events.” Having no forewarning and having no further information or explanation, I am left puzzled, confused, and dazed. Former Trustee Engquist referred in her resignation to “actions taken today concerning the Deputy Clerk.” The Deputy Clerk resigned earlier on the 21st. I can only speculate that the Deputy Clerk’s choice to resign was the action referred to by Trustee Engquist. I have not spoken with Trustee Engquist since, so I remain puzzled. I know I certainly did not desire for the Deputy Clerk to resign. I did, in fact, express to the Deputy Clerk my earnest desire for her not to make that choice, prior to her insistence that she resign.

I am disappointed in all the resignations. I sincerely wish that the former Trustees had remained at their posts. The Board’s responsibility is to set policy and solve problems. The Board currently lacks a quorum, so until that is resolved, neither can happen. Their four votes on the Board could be making a difference. That is the true disappointment I now feel.

My hope now, is that citizens will come forward to serve on the Town Board, with the intent of the best interest of the Town. The Town’s business does not stop. The Town is still faced with problems to be solved, and a future to envision, and work toward, to function as a Town.

Again, I ask citizens to come join the remaining Board to take action and put forth the effort needed to solve our problems and keep the Town providing services and structures that benefit everyone’s well being.

Yours sincerely,

Greg Terrell, Mayor
Town of Saguache

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