Latest News – September 14

Harvest Celebration at Everson Ranch on September 16 

It’s harvest time in the San Luis Valley! The ranchers are reaping in their fall hay and the farmers are pulling up their autumn bounty. What better way to celebrate the season than with a Harvest Celebration at the Historic Everson Ranch. This Saturday, Sept. 16 the Orient Land Trust presents its Chuckwagon Dinner Concert/Dance, ranch tours and more. This year’s entertainment will be provided by the preeminent western music pioneers, The Flying W Wranglers. RustingRam Catering will be preparing the farm-to-table food again this year.


The Orient Land Trust’s historic Everson Ranch sits at the base of the Sangre de Cristos Mountains in the San Luis Valley. Photo: Saguache Today.

Located in the rich, fertile land beneath the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the Everson Ranch is a living testament to its ranching and farming heritage. Under the direction of the OLT this 150-year old historic ranch is “currently being renovated within its historical facades to create an educational and living agricultural facility showcasing sustainable agricultural processes.”

The public is invited to visit on September 16 and see what makes this such a special place. Come and discover all of their efforts, and successes with projects determined to make sure the Everson Ranch thrives for generations to come.

On Saturday, Sept. 16 morning and afternoon ranch tours will be available. Friends and neighbors can tour the facilities and see the fruits of many long-term projects on the ranch being completed. Folks are welcome to visit the animals, discover the harvests from the community garden and walk to the Everson Reservoir to see the thriving meanders project, a joint effort with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to protect endangered species of fish. There are many successes to celebrate!

Later that afternoon there will be a Chuckwagon Dinner Concert/Dance. This fall celebration is a ticketed, farm-to-table event featuring a variety of the ranch’s free range grass-fed beef, pig and goat meat, along with farm-raised, organic salad greens, rosemary roasted potatoes, roasted beets, garden veggies and grilled squash medley, and from the valley, quinoa salad. All of that incredible food will be cooked to perfection by RustingRam Catering, sure to satisfy every taste bud! 

So what better way to compliment a good meal with good company, than with some good music?! The Flying W Wranglers have been performing music for over 63 years, making them the second oldest Western Music group in the world. Riding with the Wranglers promises the experience of classic country, western swing and gospel music with a bit of Cowboy wit. Expect unique western harmonies, fantastic yodeling, superb instrumentation and great songs of the American West.

The Details:  Tickets for the dinner and concert are $50 per adult, $25 for minors aged 13-17 and there is no extra charge for kids under 12. All kids and minors must be accompanied by an adult. Camping will be available at the the ranch on Saturday night for an additional $10 per campsite.

It’s time to celebrate! Everyone’s invited. Come, enjoy a fun, social time together with good food, music and dance.


It’s hard to beat the view from the Everson Ranch in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Photo: Orient Land Trust Facebook Page

The Everson Ranch is part of the Orient Land Trust’s Land Conservation Program which protects over 2200 acres. They engage in historic ranching operations with the goal of soil and water restoration. Other ranch projects improve riparian areas and eliminate invasive weeds. The reservoir at the ranch is also protecting Rio Grande Chub and Rio Grande Sucker fish species.

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