Latest News – October 10

Chimney Choir Concert at Everson Ranch

As the seasons slowly shift, threatening to send everyone indoors for the colder months, this Saturday, Oct. 14 friends and neighbors will have another opportunity to enjoy the harvest season and the company of good friends and neighbors.

Chimney Choir

Chimney Choir will be playing this Saturday, oct. 14 at the historic Everson Ranch.

A Chimney Choir Concert and Picnic is planned at the historic Everson Ranch, as caretakers’ Scott and Cynthia bring together folks from the San Luis Valley (and beyond!) for some enjoyment, as well as raise some money for some of the 150-year-old homestead’s programs.

Come and join the celebration this Saturday, Oct. 14, from 2 – 4 p.m. Join them in the picturesque front yard of the the ranch house for great music under the big tent.  Bring your own picnic-food and drink, blankets or chairs, they will provide the live music by one of their favorite bands: Chimney Choir

There is a suggested donation of $10 per person which will benefit the Everson Ranch program.  This concert is open to the public.  Bring friends and family. No tickets necessary.  Of course, an RSVP is always helpful. Call Scott at 719-298-7411.  


Join the celebration this Saturday, Oct. 14 and help raise money for programs at the historic Everson Ranch. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell.


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