Latest News – October 17

St. Agnes Raises Funds for Church Repairs


St. Agnes Catholic Mission Church in Saguache.

St. Agnes Catholic Mission Church in Saguache is having a Bake Sale on Friday & Saturday, Oct. 20 & 21, from 7 a.m. – Noon. The monies raised – 100% of the proceeds – will go towards St. Agnes historic church and necessary repairs. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, come and get yours while the goodies last! Support the church and eat some fabulous treats!

St. Agnes Church is located right off Highway 285, across from The Saguache Market The historic church is part of the San Juan Catholic Community, with Rev. Derreck Scott serving as Pastor and Administrator. Their district office is located at 425 Batterson Street in Monte Vista, CO and can be reached by phone at 719-852-26673 or email at

On Bended Knees at St. John

In other church news, from the San Juan Catholic Spiritual Center, the new pews in St. John the Baptist Church have been installed!

New Pews_Installed St John Saguache

The new pews – a gift from the Archuleta Family Foundation of Colorado Springs – were installed at the St. John the Baptist Church in La Garita this summer. Beautiful!

Transplants from the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Colorado Springs, the new pews give a fresh new look to an historic Catholic Church.  And their origin is especially meaningful to the spiritual center’s benefactors, the Archuleta family who have been parishioners in Colorado Springs since 1960 with all five of their children having attended Sacred Heart School.  Thank you to Fr. Ronald Raab, CSC, Pastor, and all parishioners of Sacred Heart for donating the pews. ​

The pews which also have kneelers, were successfully shorted, moved and installed.  And the extra wood will be re-purposed in the church in some manner yet to be revealed.​ 

Located in La Garita, in Saguache County, the San Juan Catholic Spiritual Center is a unique 10-acre site that offers a historical view of cultural traditions and a Catholic way of life brought from old Spain by the first Hispano settlers who traveled to the Spanish northern frontier from New Mexico.

As a place of panoramic beauty, it is located in the northern portion of the San Luis Valley, this spiritual center is protected by the rugged San Juan Mountain Range to the west and looks across the vast valley floor towards the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the east.

San Juan Catholic Spiritual Center_La Garita_Saguache County_Colorado_Saguache Today_1

St. John The Baptist Church is located at the San Juan Catholic Spiritual Center in La Garita, Colorado. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

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