Latest News – November 2

Learn About Victim’s Advocacy in Saguache Today

The Saguache County Sheriff’s Office Victim’s Advocate group invites all interested county residents to attend the Victim’s Advocate Academy November 13-14 to be held at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in the conference room. Saguache Sheriff BadgeThis event will give prospective victim’s advocates and the general public an in-depth look at several aspects of victimology in Saguache County and the San Luis Valley.

Please call Ellen Cox at 719-655-2544 by this Friday, Nov. 3 to register to attend this informative conference.

More information: Colorado Victim Assistance Academy (CVAA)

In 1999, Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) received a grant from the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) in Washington, D.C. to establish the Colorado Victim Assistance Academy (CVAA). VSN_Mission_GraphicThe CVAA was modeled on the curriculum established by OVC for use in the National Victim Assistance Academy. The purpose of the Academy is to provide basic victim advocacy training to people working with victims of crime and to emphasize the importance of social networking and collaboration to enhance services provision in the victim services field. The curriculum embraces the entire scope of victim services, and has been enhanced to address unique and specific issues in Colorado.

The Academy is an intense experience, but one that will most definitely enhance your ability to work with victims of crime. The knowledge and skills you gain will increase your level of confidence. You will be with peers who share your challenges. We are looking forward to working and learning with you at the Academy!


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