Latest News – November 9

Firefighter Appreciation Dinner Plans Underway

Villa Grove Fire Station_Saguache Today

The Northern Saguache Fire Protection District includes the Fire Station in Villa Grove. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell.

The men and women of the volunteer fire departments spend hours each month providing services to local communities. In addition to firefighting they maintain the trucks, work on the firehouses, as well as train in CPR, Hazardous Materials and other first aid, firefighting strategies and other topics as needed without any pay for their time, efforts and knowledge.  They are called to assist with traffic accidents, search and rescue, flooding, fire and other emergencies.  They are often the first to arrive  at the scene. Do you that when a call goes out in our district four department’s respond? Crews from Crestone, Moffat,  Villa Grove/Bonanza and Saguache.

Several people have come together to organize the first annual firefighters appreciation night. They are planning a special dinner for volunteers and guests at either a local establishment or catered and held in the District. There are 41 active volunteers and about 12 retired firefighters so they’re estimating approximately 100 people might attend. A quick estimate for the total cost is well over $1000. If you would like to help with the event, they can use you! Maybe you would like to help with setup and/or cleanup for the evening, or maybe you would like to donate for the cost of the evening.

The District is aware and very much in support of this activity. All donations will be processed through the District’s bank account for transparency. Checks should be made payable to Northern Saguache County Fire Protection District and marked APPRECIATION.


Firefighters hit this house fire hard with the water hose last February 2017. Their efforts paid off, extinguishing the blaze with no report of injuries. Photo: Saguache Sheriff Deputy Wayne Clark.

Mail your donations to Linda Stagner at NSCFPD, PO Box 556, Saguache, CO 81149. If you have questions please contact Linda Stagner at (719)256-4385 or Chris Pacheco at (719) 221-3762. The volunteer firefighters of the Northern Saguache County Fire Protection District are truly an asset to the communities in Saguache County. Can they count on you to say Thanks to them?

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