Saguache News – December 7

FREE Clinic for Pets in Center

A FREE Spay/Neuter Clinic will be held at the Center Fire Station this Friday and Saturday,  December 8 & 9. This program will be offered on a first come, first served basis, since the former appointment model saw too many “no-shows” resulting in lost time and resources.


Be a responsible pet owner and get your cat or dog spayed or neutered!

Therefore pet owners are asked to check-in on either day at 7:30 a.m. Check in will run until 8 a.m. If you show up on Friday by 8 a.m. and the clinic is full, you will be given a rain check for the following day, but you must be there on Saturday, Dec. 9 by 8 a.m.

Once your cat or dog is registered, you may then plan on picking them up at 5:30 p.m. that same day. Please bring your dogs with a collar and leash, and bring cats in a carrier if possible. Some crates will be provided at the clinic; if you bring your own crate, please write your name on it.

In addition to being fixed, your pet will also be given age appropriate shots. Bring your cats, kittens, dogs and puppies that fall within these guidelines:

  • Kittens must weigh 2 lbs
  • Puppies must be 8 weeks old
  • Nursing mom’s are fine as long as the babies are 5-6 weeks old.
  • No breakfast if your pet weighs over 2 lbs.

THANK YOU for being responsible pet owners!


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