Saguache News – December 15

Give What You Want; Take What You Need

The “Giving Tree” has returned to downtown Saguache for the 6th consecutive year. “Give what you want, take what you need,” is the message of The Giving Tree which can be found in front of the Blue Earth Mercantile & Thrift. Residents were invited to hang small gifts on an outdoor tree – toys, coats, hats, mittens, decorative items or even dollar bills – and make them available for anyone to take.

Giving tree 2017

Saguache’s “Giving Tree” sits outside the Blue Earth Mercantile & Thrift Store waiting for your present exchange to make the holiday season a bit brighter. Photo: Saguache Works.

During the past four holiday seasons, public response to the Saguache Giving Tree has been overwhelming. New gifts appear on a daily basis, including small gifts such as clothing, toys, books  and small household items. Needless to say, every gift found a good home.

Saguache Works staff and volunteers want to perpetuate the idea of kindness and caring for one another. Thanks for your generosity!

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