Saguache News – March 6

Caucus Time: It’s Super Tuesday in Saguache Today

When it comes to politics in Saguache County, perhaps the most noteworthy news is found in the numbers. When it comes to political party affiliation, more and more local voters are choosing to go rogue and declaring themselves as unaffiliated. Saguache County precinct Map.jpg

And the voter registration numbers don’t lie. According to Saguache County Clerk and Recorder Trish Gilbert, whose office is charged to oversee elections, the number of registered Saguache County Democrats stands at 1823, offset against 1468 unaffiliated voters, and 938 registered Republicans. 

But perhaps Saguache County voters are simply on trend with the rest of the country, as the old two-party system slowly loses its footing, with younger, millennial voters ditching tradition and choosing leaders who will actually REPRESENT them instead of party or personal agendas. 


The primary elections will be held Tuesday June 26 at the Saguache County Courthouse.

In addition, the political rules have changed as well, allowing unaffiliated voters to engage in the primary process. That’s because Colorado voters last year passed a ballot measure allowing those who choose not to join a political party to participate in the party primaries. However, according to Clerk Gilbert, unaffiliated voters can only pick one primary to vote in— they can’t vote in both. All registered voters will have their say in the June 26 primary election.

But tonight, it’s Caucus time. It’s Super Tuesday! While everyone is welcome to attend, only those who are registered with their party will be able to actively participate.

If you are still unsure about your precinct meeting place, please contact the County Chairperson for your political party.
  • Republican County Chair – Richard Drake: or 719-580-4433.
  • Democratic County Chair – Kevin Noland: or 970-351-6747.
For now, here’s the breakdown of who has officially thrown their hat into the ring. Of course, this could very well change as the political season starts to gain momentum. Good luck to all and may you conduct your campaigns and actions in a manner worthy of representing the fine residents of Saguache County!

Saguache County Treasurer

  • Connie Trujillo (R) – Incumbent

Saguache County Assessor

  • Rhiannon Curry (D)
  • Peter Peterson (D) – Incumbent

Saguache County Commissioner, District 3 

  • Ellen Cox (R)
  • Tim Lovato (D) – Incumbent

Saguache County Clerk & Recorder

  • Trish Gilbert (R) – Incumbent
  • Renee Hazard (D)

Saguache County Sheriff

  • Dan Warwick (R) – Incumbent
  • Nobel Havens (D)

Saguache County Coroner

  • Thomas Perrin (D)

There you have it, as of today these are the choices for the 4259 registered voters of Saguache County. Remember, there’s still time to register to vote and plenty of time to throw your hat into the ring. . . if you dare!

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