Saguache News – April 4

Saguache Elects Mayor, Trustees for Town Board

Saguache Town voters went to the polls on Tuesday, April 3 and elected Elvie Samora as Mayor, to serve another four years. Samora is presently the Mayor having been appointed to the position in the middle of what was a tumultuous year of politics for a small town of 500 residents. According to Town Clerk Iris Garcia who posted the unofficial election results on the town’s website, Samora tallied 131 votes, followed by Mike Wheeler with 58 votes and 19-year-old Write-In Candidate Julian Miller captured 6 ballots.

Meet Candidates Town Saguache Today

The Meet The Candidates event held on March 31 in anticipation of the April 3 election was well attended. The political forum is sponsored by the Saguache Chamber of Commerce. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

As for the Board of Trustees, Saguache’s decision at the booth reflected an emerging trend for the 2018 election process – more women in office – as five of the seven choices were determined by the 199 voters who exercised their constitutional rights yesterday. The numbers are as follows.

  • Amber Wilson, 152 votes – 4 year term
  • Wyoma J. Hansen, 142 votes – 4 Year Term
  • Loren J. Aldrich, 132 votes – 2 Year Term
  • Janice Torrez, 123 votes – 2 Year Term
  • Randy Arredondo, 122 votes – 2 year term
  • Timothy H. Chittum, 112 votes – not elected
  • Terry Michael Gillette, 102 votes- not elected

Since almost all the winners are currently serving in their elected positions, it was clear that voters were looking for Trustees with experience and continuity in governance as the Town moves forward on a number of pressing issues, from a new sewer system to complicated water augmentation upgrades. Congratulations to all and thank you for your willingness to serve. 

Arredondo_Samora_Saguache Today

Elected Town Board Trustee Randy Arredondo (left) and elected Saguache Mayor Elvie Samora (right) participate in last Saturday’s Meet The Candidate political forum. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

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