Saguache News – May 10

EUREKA! A Cry of Joy & Satisfaction!

Publisher’s Note: Saguache Today welcomes a new contributor as Saguache County Clerk and Recorder Trish Gilbert keeps residents informed about what’s happening up at the courthouse in her “Clips from the Clerk” column. Enjoy and learn!

Clips Clerk Saguache

As custodians of public records, the Saguache County Clerk and Recorder’s office respectfully requested funding assistance through a grant for digitizing our old books, aperture cards, microfiche and other documents – indexing of the documents, providing permanent archiving of our historical documents and for our web hosted public access site.

Saguache County is where the West was settled.  Our county is economically depressed with no significant tax base to generate revenue for badly needed services such as this project.  Our records go back to the 1800’s and some of our books are in very poor condition with an occasional page missing.  We are dedicated to preserving this important history, but without digitizing, our old books are at risk of further deterioration and even loss of important information.  Approval of this grant request for Saguache County will now link our past with the present and take us forward into the future of technology for historic preservation while providing state-of-the-art services to our citizens.

We also requested enough funds to add a slipsheet printer, and a Laser Jet Printer as well as a Public Search Workstation, to include maintenance and Internet services.  Some of our office equipment used for recording is outdated.  At present we have just one public search station.  We will also purchase a light table for viewing recorded plat maps.


The Saguache County Courthouse houses hundreds of historic documents that will now be digitized and saved for generations to come!

Our Board of County Commissioners is very excited about this project and eager for us to get started.  They realize the seriousness and historic nature of these documents and would like to see them preserved in timeless quality.

A lot of time and careful consideration was given to this grant application.  Our entire staff was involved throughout the process.  Ben and Desiree kept the daily operations of the clerk’s office going while Jane made important contacts for letters of support from recording stakeholders such as the Abstract Office, title companies, searchers, etc.  – we even received a letter of support from the Saguache County Museum.  There were many demands on everyone’s time.

We deeply appreciate the Electronic Recording Technology Board’s approval of our full request of $181,553.89!

No strings attached.  The grant money we receive will be at no cost to the taxpayer.   No in-kind contributions and no payback of grant funds.  Eureka!

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