Saguache News – May 16

Yoga Classes Start New Year in Saguache Today 

Spring is a time of new beginnings and renewal. What better way to celebrate that spirit than checking in at Thursdays in May with Suzanne Rouge.  These sessions are being offered at the BEBOP Studio at 317 San Juan Avenue in downtown Saguache. BeBop_ Suzanne Rouge

Find the special session or class that will help you get to the root of some of your biggest health issues. Reflexology for Self Care will be held from 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and is offering the session for a donation. Enjoy a reflexology session designed to induce deep relaxation and bring balance to all levels of being. A reflexology session using plant medicines provides stimulus to move energies along meridian lines in the body. All organs have an acupressure touch point in the feet. Reflexology induces deep relaxation; revitalizes energy; opens and clears neural pathways; increases circulation, oxygen and nutrients. It helps to combat the effects of stress; stimulates the endocrine system; strengthens the immune system; stabilizes glandular activity; increases endorphins and breaks down and dissolves uric acid and calcium deposits. The plant medicines are synergistic and are adaptogens, able to establish the proper balance emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

“What makes my sessions unique is a focus on the emotional and spiritual realms through the movement of energy. It was working with the Medicine Wheel that led me to the plant medicines and reflexology,” states Suzanne on her website. “The Medicine Wheel is designed to help us reach balance on all levels of being. Reflexology grounds and balances the positive and negative currents of energy flowing through the body: the yin and yang; action, inaction; creative, receptive aspects of our nature. A session can re-pattern beliefs to optimize growth helping to regenerate and encode new messages in the matrix of the life force fields.”

BeFit_Saguache works

BeBop Studio is owned and operated by Saguache Works and is located at 317 San Juan Avenue.

All session are held at BeBOP Studio, located next to The Wapiti Coffeehouse at 317 San Juan Avenue. Suzanne is also offering $10 off a Pampering Session Gift Certificate – perfect for that special graduate! 

Suzanne resides in the San Luis Valley but will be available in Saguache on Thursdays. Contact her by phone at 970-308-1415 or via email at

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