Saguache News – August 14

New Internet Options for Saguache Today

Are you having service problems with your internet? Are you tired of having to put up with it? Do you live in the San Luis Valley (SLV)? Well, there’s good news because there’s another option.


Internet options in the San Luis Valley are growing with the arrival of BacaTech. photo: Saguache Today/Brennan Ruegg

Locally owned & operated, BacaTech is proud to offer Viasat Internet in the SLV.  If you can’t get cable, ask BacaTech to help you get connected to friends & family with Viasat Satellite Internet. It’s available just about anywhere – even rural areas – and is WAY faster than slow DSL.
For more than 30 years, Viasat has helped shape how consumers, businesses, governments and militaries around the world communicate. Now, you too can take advantage of Viasat’s advanced communications network with local service & installation from BacaTech.
BacaTech is dedicated to helping find the right internet plan for you. Call 719-256-1100, visit their website, or connect with them on BacaTech/Facebook


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