Saguache News – October 24

CO’s Largest Pot Park Opens in Saguache County

Last month, the Mayor of Moffat awarded 14 new marijuana cultivation licenses on September 11, 2018 to investors who flooded into the small Colorado town of Moffat in Saguache County.

Area 420 ribbon cutting

Area 420, Colorado’s largest Cannabis Park opened for business in Saguache County last month in the small town of Moffat. Photo: Area420 Facebook Page.

Area420 is a recently annexed subdivision, zoned to be a cannabis Business Park for legal commercial cultivators licensed by the Colorado MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division). The 420 acre land holding includes a cannabis zoned area, much like an industrial park, which provides a solution to the problem of cannabis grows cropping up unexpectedly throughout Saguache County.

“We are positioned to be the hub of Colorado’s legal marijuana industry,” stated Mike Biggio the company’s Marketing Director. “Area420 eliminates roadblocks and provides a no-risk opportunity where buyers can walk away from the sales contract if their application is rejected by the MED.”

Moffat is located in Saguache County, which covers 3,168 square miles of the San Luis Valley. With 350 days of sunshine a year and an elevation of 7544’ the town of Moffat is one of the few municipalities permitting outdoor grows.

The concept for Area 420 includes 1-acre and 5-acre lots which will be leased for the cultivation of marijuana. The path towards marijuana legalization is never a smooth one. The process Area420 embarked upon nearly a year ago involved many public town meetings with citizens both raising concerns and passionately expressing support. Moffat’s Mayor, Patricia Riegel, prepared a community impact report and the pros and cons were respectfully debated.Area 420 Map

Some of the obstacles faced by growers in other Colorado jurisdictions are; moratoriums on local licensing, water shortages, exorbitant power bills for those growing in warehouses, high rents or million dollar purchase prices on land.

Area420 has a legal water source: a 1,200 foot deep artesian well and has worked closely with the Division of Water Resources to carefully monitor water usage. Data proves that water consumption designated for marijuana is substantially less than the center pivot distribution systems they replace.

The Town Council voted unanimously to welcome Colorado’s largest Cannabis Business Park into their small town in the hopes for an economic revival.

Area420 is now open for business and has attracted a diverse clientele including international and out of state investors. Several buyers relocated from other counties where they faced governmental obstruction, water scarcity, or exorbitant rents and power bills.

“The project is well on its way to selling out,” stated Biggio. “As Canadian marijuana stocks skyrocket and US federal legalization is on the horizon, there is no better time than the present to jump into the legal cannabis industry.”

For more information, visit

Area 420 logo

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