Election Results Saguache County 2018

Saguache Voters Stick With Incumbents

Status Quo might be one way to describe the mid-term election results in Saguache Today. At least that was the message voters relayed when it came to county-elected positions, as all incumbents held their ground at the polls today.


After Election 2018 it seems that things wont change much at the Saguache County Courthouse as voters held tight with the incumbents.

While voters were making their choices heard for SIX county offices, by Election Day the true contests came down to three offices, since the Saguache County Assessor, Coroner, and Treasurer Offices went unchallenged, with incumbent candidates running unopposed by November 6.

Here’s the preliminary results for #Election2018 Saguache County.

It’s important to note that these results are UN-official results until final canvass, which is November 22, although  not much usually changes. 

Saguache County Clerk and Recorder

Incumbent Trish Gilbert (R) saw voters show of support at the polls today, tallying 1409 votes to Democratic contender Renee Hazard 1232.  Voters must be happy with her job performance because they just extended her job contract for another four years.

Saguache County Sheriff 

In one of the more contentious showdowns, the Office of Saguache County Sheriff was once again awarded to incumbent Dan Warwick (R) defeating challenger Nobel Havens (D) by a wide margin. The final tally reports 1,857 votes for Warwick, compared to 725 ballots cast in favor of Havens.

Saguache Sheriff Dan Warwick

Saguache County Sheriff Dan Warwick (left) was re-elected in Saguache Today.

Saguache County Commissioner, District Three

In the beginning, there were four candidates. In the end, it was Incumbent Tim Lovato (D) who will continue to represent District Three on the Board of County Commissioners. The race was on, starting last spring with challengers Ellen Cox (R), and two unaffiliated candidates Terry Gillette and Lisa Rosen.  Then the choices dropped to three, when Cox dropped out late summer. The final three candidates ran an engaging race, with well-attended candidates forums being held throughout Saguache County. Those public exchanges were then shared on social media and website platforms, giving many voters an opportunity to check-in with where these politicians stood on the issues before hitting the polls. Final votes were tallied as Lovato (1366), Terry Gillette (633), Lisa Rosen ( 549)

Saguache County Coroner

There was only one candidate for this position, Incumbent Tom Perrin who got 2083 votes.

Saguache County Treasurer

There was only one candidate for this position, Incumbent Connie Trujillo, who has held the office for 26 years. Trujillo tallied 1974 votes of support from residents today.

Saguache County Assessor

The Saguache County Assessor race was determined in last June’s Primary Election when Incumbent Peter Peterson tallied the most votes against challenger Rhiannon Curry. In the 2018 mid-term election, Peterson demonstrated support from 1816 voters.

FULL Results HERE, including how the local initiatives did.




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