Dance Classes Offered In Saguache Today

“And you all better come back next week!”

This telltale statement from one of the students, not instructors, after the first week of the new Dance Lessons was a solid recommendation for this new community class. And if the enthusiasm from the first instruction is any indication, this week’s lesson should have others joining them on the dance floor.

Saguache dance instructors Matthew Duhaime and Nancy Skogerson drew a good crowd to week one of the classes held Tuesday evenings starting at 5:15 sharp! The six-week course will run through Tuesday, May 2.

The Waltz took center stage on the dance floor for the inaugural class with eight students counting the one-two-three beat as their teachers reviewed techniques and encouraged their steps. It was clear from the onset that these instructors knew their ballroom dancing and covered everything from etiquette to embrace as their pupils got a full review in the art of dancing before hitting the floor.

Dance instructor Matthew Duhaime demonstrates some fancy footwork at Tuesday’s class.

Other dance styles to be covered include the Foxtrot and the Swing. And if you think this course is just for couples, it’s NOT! Singles are more than welcome with participants grouped into “followers” and “leaders” allowing for full participation.

So if you’ve got a big wedding coming up, want to improve your swing technique or just ready to shake off the winter season and up your moves on the dance floor, then stop in to Bebop Studio.

The dance instruction is offered on Tuesday nights at BeBop Studio, located in the back of Saguache Works/4th Street Food Store in downtown Saguache. The lessons are donation-based with a suggested offering of $5 per session.

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