The Arts Take Flight In Saguache

By Kathy Bedell © Saguache Today

The 10th Annual Saguache Arts Walk was held in downtown Saguache, Colorado on June 22. This showcase of area artists and craftspeople got off to a good start seeing steady crowds in and out of storefronts and pop-up tents along 4th Street.

Artist Jeanette Amlie displays her work at the 10th Annual Saguache Arts Walk.

 After lunchtime, the clouds rolled in and a seeming “microburst” of weather came in, blasting through the area, sending things scattering for a bit. 

Overall the event went well, with reports of the economic benefits ranging from “brisk” to the slama-jama crowds seen at the 4th Street Diner once the weather rolled in! Across the way at the 4th Street Food Store, the crowds enjoyed some homemade ice cream in honor of National Dairy Month while local musicians entertained the festival attendees with some lively six-string and fiddle tunes.

Attendees at the 10th Annual Saguache Arts Walk enjoy the display by Saguache artist Stacey Amos Holden.

Other Saguache artist reported solid sales, with one glassworker ringing enough sales for a ticket to bring her granddaughter out for a summer visit. Most saw moderate crowds mainly due to that afternoon weather event that broke up the party a bit earlier than expected. The annual Saguache Arts Walk is sponsored by the Saguache Chamber of Commerce. Next up on their calendar is the Annual Hollyhock Festival which is scheduled for July 27

One of the big hits of the day could be found down the alley and across the way at the Saguache Sagebrush Quilters Annual Quilt Show. This event was coordinated perfectly with the Saguache Arts Walk and Grand Re-Opening of the historic Ute Theater. But what put things over the top for this year’s quilt show was the new display.

The new frames for these patchwork creations made the displays at the annual Saguache Sagebrush Quilters Show extra special.

“Wow!” was exactly what most attendees said as they entered the Saguache County Road and Bridge Meeting Room which had been transformed into a first-class, artistic display of fabrics and patterns that immediately made attendees at the Saguache Sagebrush Quilters annual show feel warm and comforting.

The new quilt frame displays were funded by a grant from the Saguache County Commissioners and were a fine example of tax-dollars put towards good works, because these simple, yet sturdy frames turned the quilts into a magnificent art display!

Saguache Sagebrush Quilters founder Sara Fernandez stands in front of her own creation, “Long Road Home,” at the Annual Quilt Show last Saturday.

Guests to the show were greeted by the quilting group members and provided with ballots to cast their votes in four categories, with winners being announced at this September’s Fall Festival. The pieces ranged in size from full-sized quilts to smaller wall-display creations. Members were also on hand to demonstrate their handy work.

The Saguache Sagebrush Quilters was founded in 2008 by Sara Fernandez. The group boasts a number of women with high-quality capabilities in the creation and construction of outstanding quilts. Among their projects are comfort quilts for those in need, quilts of valor for veterans and their most recent project of tiny quilts for preschoolers in the area.

Mother/Daughter Quilters Discuss Their Creations

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