Wildfire in Saguache Ranger District

Weekend storms resulted in four fires started by lightning on the Rio Grande National Forest. The largest of the four, the Decker fire started on Sunday on the Saguache Ranger District.

“There is no immediate threat to private land, structures and other infrastructure. At this point we are actively monitoring fire behavior, weather patterns, and fuel conditions to assure protections of these values,” said Forest Fire Management Officer, Chad Lewis .

The Decker Wildfire is located on the Saguache Ranger District. Photo: USFS

As of September 10, the Decker Fire has grown to 98 acres and is burning on a south facing slope in grass under aspen stands. The location of the Decker fire in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness area presents an opportunity to use fire as a tool to restore ecological processes. Lewis added, “having personnel walk to fire long distances, over rough terrain increases safety concerns.” 

The Decker Fire in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness areas is smoldering in grass under an aspen stand. Fire personnel assigned to the incident are monitoring conditions and providing updates. Smoke from the fire is visible and will continue to settle into the areas around Salida.

Three other smaller fires are also being monitored across the Forest.

For fire information contact Chad Lewis Forest Fire Management Officer at (719) 850-2380 or Judi Perez, Acting Public Affairs at (719) 588-8889.

Updates will also be posted to the Forest Facebook page at U.S. Forest Service – Rio Grande National Forest.

The Decker Wildfire can be seen from Poncha Pass in northern Saguache County.

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