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Candidates Forum Draw Good Crowds, Questions

On May 23, a committee from Indivisible Crestone/Baca Grande hosted a Candidates Forum for the 2018 Saguache County Election. This session, which was held at the Saguache County Road and Bridge meeting room was one of three gatherings that the organization coordinated, giving residents a chance to meet the citizens interested in representing them, and ask some questions.

Forum Crowd_Best

It was a standing room only crowd at the May 23 Candidates Forum held in Saguache and sponsored by Indivisible Crestone/ Baca Grande. Up for grabs are SIX county offices. Do you know your candidates? Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

Barb Tidd from Indivisible acted as emcee for the evening’s forum, which introduced the candidates for SIX county offices which are up for election this November 2018. Two of those positions – the Coroner and Treasurer – have candidates who are incumbents and running unopposed.

One of those positions – Saguache County Assessor, – will see an end to the campaign trail after this month’s Primary Election on June 26, as the only two candidates are Democrats and their race will be determined then. The other three elected positions – Sheriff, Clerk & Recorder and Commissioner, District Three – will campaign until the polls close on November 6, 2018. 

The thick field of competitors indicates the heavy weight of issues currently facing Saguache County, from the marijuana industry to ongoing water challenges to funding for schools, transportation and an aging population. There’s a lot at risk and a lot on the plate.

Saguache Today was at the Candidates Forum to film the event, providing voters a chance to see the candidates themselves, to find out who they are. Where do they stand on the issues? How do they answers the questions concerning the issues of the day, all the while, demonstrating their leadership style – on camera! So get ready for your close-up, it’s the Saguache Today Election 2018 report.

First, a big thank you to the Indivisible. It’s no easy task getting people together for one forum, much less three at various point throughout the county. Second, kudos to the candidates. It’s no easy task running for public office, especially in today’s political climate, so thanks for being willing to serve and going through the campaign process. Win or lose, you’ll never be the same. And finally, thanks to the voters for showing up. It was a standing room only crowd for this forum; folks are paying attention and that momentum will only grow as the Tuesday, Nov. 6 Election day draws closer.

Saguache County Coroner

There is only one candidate for this position and it’s incumbent Tom Perrin. Unfortunately Perrin could not attend this Candidates Forum. For readers who may not know, the Office of the Saguache County Coroner is responsible for investigating any death that does not occur from natural causes, including a death while a person is in custody or within 24 hours of being admitted to a hospital, as well as all fatal traffic deaths, homicides, and suicides. The Coroner and his staff of medico-legal investigators work closely with law enforcement agencies and are on-call 24 hours a day.

Saguache County Treasurer

There is only one candidate for this position and it’s incumbent Connie Trujillo, who has held the office for 26 years. Trujillo was able to attend the Candidates Forum and in this video she provides an introduction of her experience and qualifications for the job, as well as answers a questions from the audience.

Saguache County Assessor

There are two candidates for Saguache County Assessor: Incumbent Peter Peterson and challenger Rhiannon Curry. Both are Democrats, so this election will be determined in the Primary Election which will be held this month on Tuesday, June 26. In this video, both candidates provide opening statements regarding their background and qualification for the position, as well as answer questions from voters.

Saguache County Clerk and Recorder

There are two candidates for Saguache County Clerk & Recorder: Incumbent Trish Gilbert (R) and challenger Renee Hazard (D). Since both parties are represented, with no other opponents, these two women will be discussing the issues and campaigning until November. Get to know who they are and where they stand in the issues in this Saguache Today video from the May 23 Candidates Forum. 

Saguache County Sheriff 

There are two candidates for Saguache County Sheriff: Incumbent Dan Warwick (R) and challenger Nobel Havens (D). With both parties major parties being represented, expect to see this race heat up as law enforcement issues take center stage for the 2018 Election in Saguache County. In this Saguache Today video, introduce yourself to the candidates and where they stand on everything from illegal grows, to the opioid epidemic. to the need for a new jail. Will there be a “new sheriff in town?”

Saguache County Commissioner, District Three

There are four candidates for Saguache County Commissioner, District Three: Incumbent Tim Lovato (D), and challengers Ellen Cox (R), and two unaffiliated candidates Terry Gillette and Lisa Rosen.  It should be noted that the unaffiliated participants are not technically “candidates” until their nomination petitions have been deemed sufficient by the County Clerk on August 2. However, both unaffiliated candidates indicated they would not have any issues in meeting those requirements. So, it sounds like it will be the Fab Four until the November Election. Find out who they are and where they stand on the issues in this Saguache Today video from the Candidates Forum.


Saguache News – June 2

Attention Saguache Anglers! FREE Fishing Weekend

Local folks have been getting outside and enjoying all of the incredible recreational opportunities that the San Luis County has to offer for years. In fact, enjoying the great outdoors is something that has been passed down from generation to generation, and shared with newcomers to Saguache Today in an enthusiastic manner. After all, who else is going to tell you where the fish are biting?!

Russell Lake_Saguache County

Russell Lakes in Saguache County is a popular fishing spot and this weekend – June 2 – 3 – it’s FREE! Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

So listen up all you anglers and fly-fishing fanatics it’s time to grab the poles, and pack up the family for a day out by the water.  And what better time than this weekend because the Colorado Parks and Wildlife is inviting anglers of all ages to participate in its annual Free Fishing Weekend: June 2-3. The free fishing weekend is a great w​ay to get outside with family and friends and take adva​​ntag​e of Colorado’s extensive opportunities to fish for a myriad of cold and warm water fish species​​.​

Never fished before? Don’t worry, the Colorado Outdoors “Quick Tips” video will show you the basics to setting up a rod. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds the public that although a license is not required on Free Fishing Weekend, all other rules and regulations will apply. Anglers should consult the ​Colorado Fishing Brochure​​​​​ for specific regulations and restrictions. 

Fishing licenses can be purchased at an​​y Colorado Parks and Wildlife office or from one of the more than 600 license agents across the state. Licenses can also be purchased online. Anglers may also purchase a fishing license over the phone by calling 800-244-5613. To purchase a license online or for more information

Last year over one million fishing licenses were sold in Colorado. The sale of fishing licenses allows CPW to maintain and conserve fish habitat that promotes better fishing in Colorado.​

If you decide that the FREE fishing weekend made you a caster for life, then you can pick up an official license but you’ll have to travel to Monte Vista to purchase one. 

​Fishing in Colorado means the opportunity to land some 35 species of both warm- and cold-water fish. You can fish for the famed rainbow trout in a cool Rocky Mountain stream or troll for walleye on a sunny reservoir. And Colorado offers everything in between, too. There are 6,000 miles of streams and more than 2,000 lakes and reservoirs to choose from. Which one is your favorite? Or maybe you need to find a new fishing hole? Then check out the new interactive Colorado Fishing Atlas map.

Fishign Guide 2018Colorado’s excellent fishing opportunities are made even better by the efforts of Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s (CPW) 19 hatcheries. CPW stocks 3.5 million 10-inch fish every year. An additional 58 million warm-water species and 13 million subcatchable cold-water species are stocked. It costs $1.05 to raise a catchable fish for stocking. So, please conserve this precious resource by returning the fish you do not plan to eat to the water promptly. 


Saguache News – June 1

Semi-Truck Safety: Sharing The Road

When looking at driving safety in our state, it has to be looked at from every angle.  This month, I want to talk about driving on the road with semi-trucks.  A semi with a trailer is approximately 70’ on average.  Think of that as having a 6 story building going down the highway.  They are big, bulky, and slow to stop and take up a lot of room when changing direction.  Drivers making an error in judgement around semis or a semi driver making an error in judgement around cars can have serious to fatal consequences. 

All it takes is a little pre-planning on both the semi driver and the driver’s in other smaller vehicles to make sure a crash doesn’t happen.  By this I mean have a plan for the unexpected.  Don’t follow too closely, in case the other vehicle has to stop quickly and without notice.  Know the stopping distance of your vehicle at highway speeds.  For instance, a fully loaded semi-truck with a gross vehicle weight of up to 80,000 pounds, going just 55mph, has a stopping distance of 100 yards; that’s the length of a football field. 

Drivers in cars and trucks need to make sure to give semi’s plenty of space when merging in front of them or you may have it sitting on top of your car.  For the semi driver, make sure you are checking and continue to re-check your mirrors when making those lane changes.  Smaller cars and trucks can easily hide in those blind spots.

SanLuisValley_Open Road

Wide open spaces and places is what you can find in Saguache Today.

Just because you are big, doesn’t mean you don’t have to give the right of way to other vehicles.  Make sure your right of way is free of other traffic prior to merging or turning onto a roadway.  On the other side, please give semi’s a break when they are trying to merge or make turns.  It takes a lot of space to maneuver these rigs and to get one going can take some time.

In areas where there is heavy semi traffic, try to avoid the area if possible to reduce your chance of having a crash with one of them.  If you drive the semi, try to make sure you don’t get in a small convoy with other semis so you can give the smaller and often local traffic a break.

By being courteous to one another on the roadways, we can eliminate crashes that involve semi-trucks with other vehicles.  Try and put yourself in the other person’s vehicle and think about what they would like from you so they can get where they are going, just as they can try to help you get to your destination.

And lastly, in case anyone has forgotten the other big one, here is a reminder:  blinkers, blinkers, blinkers. 

Remember, these tips are good to pass along to the younger drivers in your life.  Please spread the word.

As always, safe travels!

Saguache News – May 31

Foot Pain? Get Relief in Saguache Today!

By Kathy Bedell © Saguache Today

Do your feet hurt? Or maybe you know someone who complains about foot discomfort? Well then, it’s time to talk your boots off and get to the root of the problem! Your feet – and hands – are a major part of your overall health, so it’s important to take care of them.

Suzanne Rogue_Reflexology_Saguache Today

Saguache artist Judith Page (in lounger) takes advantage of the benefits of this ancient technique at Thursday’s “Reflexology for Self-Care” class provided by Suzanne Rogue. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

Every Thursday, Suzanne Rouge holds a “Reflexology for Self-Care” class at BeBop studios in downtown Saguache. Each session offers a knowledgeable overview of Reflexology, also known as zone therapy. The technique is considered an alternative medicine involving the application of pressure to the feet and hands without the use of oil or lotion. Think of the feet – and hands – as the road-map to your good health.

For example, if you are experiencing kidney discomfort, there’s a spot on your foot where, when pressure is applied, painful symptoms can be reduced or eliminated altogether. In other cases, foot or hand pain can point to more complicated issues with other organs.reflexology

Suzanne is a true professional and has years of experience and instruction, allowing her patients to immediately feel at ease as she takes you on a journey of your feet and how you can experience the benefits of this ancient technique. Not only do you come away feeling more relaxed, but she provides you with a bit “homework,” including techniques that you can easily do at home. And if you’re a bit shy about someone taking a look at your feet and touching your tootsies, Suzanne put you right at ease; she’s seen it all!

Research studies demonstrate the many benefits of reflexology, particularly in reducing pain, enhancing relaxation, and reducing psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression. It’s certainly worth a try if you’re in pain or possibly taking medication for your discomfort.

It’s time to get to the root of the problem! So if you, or someone you know, has been experiencing foot – or hand – pain or simply want to learn more about your overall health, stop in to the Reflexology class in Saguache Today. The session starts at 11 a.m. and usually runs until 12:30. Gift certificates are also available if you’re looking to motivate someone to take the next step towards their good health.

BeBop  Studio is a part of Saguache Works, a local non-profit, which include the thrift store and 4th Street Food Store. It is located in the back of the building at 317 San Juan Avenue, with access to the room next to the Wapiti Coffee House.

Suzanne Rogue can be reached at 970-308-1415, or check out her website at Suzanne Rouge

Saguache News – May 30

Saguache Summer Kick-off on Saturday

The calendar is getting ready to turn the page, and so, it seems, are the seasons in Saguache Today! So get ready to celebrate, this Saturday, June 2 at Saguache’s Summer Kick-off Party, hosted by the Village Pub. There will be local vendors, a beer garden and live music, including Deano Maes who’ll be spinning some great tunes,  and announcing throughout the day!

Vendor Downtown_Saguache Today

You can expect to find food vendors, a beer garden and bright blue skies at this Saturday’s Summer Kick-off in downtown Saguache this Saturday, June 2. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell

And from the looks of the weather report, it’s going to be a perfect chamber-of-commerce kind of day. So head to downtown Saguache this Saturday starting at 11 a.m. where the summertime fun will be going strong throughout the day until midnight!

The Pub plans on a pizza throwing contest and a hot wing challenge, so be sure to bring along your culinary skills! For more details, check in with The Village Pub, Pizza and Spirits or text them at 719-221-9942. Come and celebrate the warm weather!

Village Pub

Summer Kick-Off is sponsored by The Village Pub, located at San Juan and 4th Streets in downtown Saguache, Colorado.




Saguache News – May 29

2018 Pet Clinic in Saguache on Saturday

The Town of Saguache will be holding their annual Dog & Cat pet clinic with Dr. Annie Schultz, DVM to administer vaccines on Saturday, June 2, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. This event will happen at the Saguache Town Hall Garage located at 504 San Juan Avenue.


Be a responsible pet owner and get your cat or dog spayed or neutered!

In addition, the Town Clerks will be issuing Dog licenses for the 2018-2019 seasons. Current dog licenses expire June 30, 2018. If your dog has been vaccinated elsewhere and you need only the license, please bring proof of vaccination at anytime to the town hall and we will get your dog tag to you.

If paying by check, be prepared to pay the Veterinarian separately from the Town.
If paying with cash, please no bills larger than $20. Thank you.

2018 Price schedule listed below.
DOGS: If you bark and wag, you need a tag!

  • Rabies $14
  • Distemper/Parvovirus/Leptospirosis $17
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough) $16
  • Rattlesnake Vaccine $18


  • Distemper/Parvovirus $15


  • Rabies $14
  • Feline Distemper Combination $15
  • Feline Distemper Combination/Leukemia $22


  • Feline Distemper $15

2018-2019 Town Dog Licenses

  • Dogs NOT altered Per Ord 2011-3 $18
  • Spayed or neutered dogs or Puppies $7




Saguache News – May 26

It Will Be Memorable in Saguache This Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend marks the officials start to the summer season. And things are no different in Saguache Today! Make sure to take the time to remember what Memorial Day is all about! 

Hillside Cemetery Veterans Memorial

The American Legion Garcia Post 110 will conduct the traditional Memorial Day ceremonies starting at 10 a.m. on Memorial Day May 28. the Hillside Cemetery Veterans Memorial. Photo: Saguache Today

The American Legion Garcia Post 110 has confirmed that the unit will conduct the traditional Memorial Day ceremonies in the Saguache area cemeteries on the morning of Memorial Day – Monday, May 28.

The group will begin at the Hillside Cemetery Veterans Memorial at 10 a.m., then continue to the old Chicago Cemetery at 11 a.m. The public is encouraged to join these heart-felt traditions that honor those who fought for American freedoms! 

Poppies Commemorate Veterans’ Sacrifices

It’s that time of year again when the ladies from the Garcia Unit 110 American Legion Auxiliary approach you with the memorial poppies on Memorial Day Weekend. For over 70 years the American Legion Auxiliary has sponsored poppy day to remind Americans that millions have sacrificed their lives and health to keep America strong and free.

After World War I the poppy flourished in Europe and quickly became the symbol of the sacrifices made by servicemen and women. So when you are offered one of these poppies, make a donation, take one and wear it proudly in honor of veterans!

Saguache Today Memorial Cemetery_4

Memorial Day Services will be held at Hillside Cemetery in Saguache on Monday.