Senior Care Facility Hits Benchmark

Good efforts and a great need have put a strong wind in the fundraising sails for the new Senior Care Campus that is planned just north of Saguache Today. At Tuesday night’s Annual State of the Saguache Chamber of Commerce event it was reported that recent fundraising efforts for the facility exceeded expectations.

“Fifteen thousand nine-hundred dollars,” stated Eve Braden with Valley to Valley Care of Salida and one of the driving forces behind the project.  

Readers may recall the group’s recent “Fat Tuesday” Mardi Gras Fundraiser for the senior care facility which was held at Joyful Journey Hot Springs, in partnership with the Saguache Chamber of Commerce on March 5, 2019. The evening was a big success, reported Chamber President Barry Van Sant who indicated the group was feeling good about the more than $6,000 raised from the silent auction and dinner as the evening came to a close. Phase One of the project was shooting for a $10,000 benchmark and this event had set a good course for success.

But the momentum didn’t stop there with Brayden reporting Tuesday night that after going to the post office that day, the tally now reached $15,900!

Eve Brayden with the Saguache Senior Care Campus shows off the recent fundraising success for the new facility being built north of Saguache Today. Photo: Kathy Bedell

About The Saguache Senior Care Facility

If you regularly drive Hwy 285 through the San Luis Valley, you may have noticed some recent activity off the highway just east of Saguache. First, the stakes went up. Then the plot of land was cleared, and now a sign has been erected. But what does it say? Well, here’s some good-news-you-can-use from Saguache Today.

A sign of things to come: The Future Home of Valley to Valley Saguache Senior Care Campus

Welcome Valley to Valley Saguache Senior Care Campus! Well, the future home of this new business, that is. And while this piece of property donated by long-time Saguache artist and community-volunteer Byron Williams may look barren now, the seeds planted by his generous gift will grow a harvest for valley seniors and their families for years to come.

Many in the San Luis Valley know Byron Williams as the talented artist who displayed his beautifully painted gourds all throughout the region, including his Smith Market Gallery in Saguache, which he sold last year. Unfortunately, in 2018 Williams relocated out of the valley to be closer to his family, after experiencing a shift in his own situation. But before he left, he donated 10 acres of land to create a place where aging family members could still live close to home while receiving quality care. And where veterans would be welcome to affordable, day-to-day assistance in a safe, healthy live-in environment.

In fact, it was Eve Braden, CEO of Valley to Valley who helped Williams take his vision to the next step by demonstrating what she and her husband Jerry had already successfully created and maintained in nearby Salida. Braden tells the rest of the story, in this Saguache Today video taken at last year’s Hollyhock Festival which included a farewell tribute to Williams.

With the land secured and cleared – thanks to an assist from local public works crews – the next step is building the facility. Chamber President Barry Van Sant noted that they will initiate construction bids on the project sometime in the near future. Of course, reaching that initial $10,000 benchmark was a big part of Phase One.

Now the project takes its next step: construction! But the fundraising efforts don’t stop there. So if providing this type of facility for the San Luis Valley matters to you and your family, please consider a donation: LINK.

“We have two Saguache families right now waiting for this campus to open its doors,” said Brayden. “It’s exciting!”

9Health Fair Set for Saturday

Low, No-Cost Health Screenings Available

This Saturday, April 6 the Saguache 9Health Fair will be held from 7:30 a.m. – 12 noon at Mountain Valley School located at 403 Pitkin Avenue in Saguache. It’s 9Health Fair time!

Basic screenings offered at all 9Health Fair locations include the blood chemistry and analysis which screens cholesterol and triglycerides, glucose levels thyroid (TSH), kidney and liver function and more. The cost of the basic screening is $35. During the blood analysis, men 40 and older can request a prostatic specific antigen (PSA) screening for $35. A $25 blood cell count screening which checks how well the body is fighting infection, and a $30 colon cancer screening kit which checks for colon cancer are also available.

Fasting for the blood test is NOT required.

Other optional screenings will be offered. The health screenings offered at the 9Health Fair give you the knowledge and tools to make your health a priority in a fast friendly environment for the whole family. Get professional and comprehensive blood screenings as well as access to medical professionals to answer all your questions. This year they are offering NEW screenings – hs-CRP (for heart health) and Blood Type.

Register online now to make the commitment to your health!

Make plans to stop into the 9Health Fair in Saguache this Saturday!

9Health Fair Celebrates 40 Years

by Stephanie Carlson, 9HealthFair

Over the last four decades, more than 2 million lives in Colorado have been impacted by the 9Health Fair.

What started in 1980 as an innovative way to give people access to lab tests is just as valuable today. As health care costs and confusion rise, 9Health Fairs remain affordable, accessible and convenient.

“It’s important for everyone to have access to preventive health screenings that are vital to maintaining good health,” 9Health CEO Gary Drews said. “Attending a 9Health Fair can provide peace of mind. When you receive your results, you will know where you stand with your health and can make important choices to take ownership of your health.”

The history of 9Health Fair

In 1979 it was a very innovative idea to offer lab tests direct to the consumer. Physician John F. Brensike, with the National Institute of Health, was traveling the country in the late 1970s when he observed a high-level of interest for health screening services. He noted very few screenings were available and the quality varied. More importantly, there was no mechanism to provide health education and medical follow-up to the community.

Dr. Brensike was passionate about promoting preventative health maintenance. He established the National Health Screening Council for Volunteer Organizations (NHSCVO). Through this organization, the health fair concept was born and presented to interested communities across the nation.

In Colorado, the president of KBTV Channel 9 (currently 9NEWS) recognized the value to the community. 9NEWS provided financial and media support to launch the first 9Health Fair. In the first year, there were 40 different fairs and 55,000 people attended. In the second year, the number of 9Health Fair sites more than tripled to 150. It’s estimated that $8 million of free health screenings were provided in 1981.

If you have a critical or alert out-of-range value in your lab results, you will get a call within 24-72 hours from a 9Health medical volunteer. 9Health medical professionals will recommend what follow-up care to seek out, and help you find resources if you don’t already have a primary care physician.

Today, 9Health is developing a complete prevention program that gives you education, tools, and motivation to take health-positive steps every day.