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Latest News – January 10

Self-Defense and CCW Classes Offered Locally

There are some upcoming self-defense classes and other programs available in Saguache County, so please take note and sign up soon as these classes usually always fill-up.

On Saturday, Jan. 21 Kuma Tactical and the Saguache County Sheriff Department‘s in partnership with the Crestone Youth Plaza (CYP) will be putting on their women’s only self-defense class on. This class is taught by state and nationally certified instructors and has limited spaces so go by the CYP thrift store and sign up now!self-defense-class

This two-hour workshop is FREE and designed to increase self-confidence through awareness and prevention. You will:

  • Learn practical self-defense techniques.
  • Expand your awareness and avoid danger.
  • Find the personal safety and security tools.
  • Have the confidence you need when threatened.
  • Learn how to trust your instincts.

The self-defense class will be held on Saturday, Jan. 21 at the Crestone Charter School, from noon – 2 p.m. For more information or to register contact Kuma Tactical at 719-298 -6169. Kuma Tactical teaches the free self defense classes a few times a year as part of giving back to their community. They also teach active shooter classes for schools, churches and business along with several other classes.

On Saturday, Feb 11, Kuma Tactical (KT) will be having a concealed carry weapons (CCW) class in Crestone. ccw-classClass starts at 10 a.m. All classes are taught by current law enforcement and National Rifle Association instructors. Kuma Tactical will provide breakfast, the necessary paperwork and your training certificate that you need to apply for your CCW. All you have to do is show up! KT’s Lead Instructor Wayne Clark will also have range time that usually takes an hour in which you and Clark will go out and shoot. During this time some of the things reviewed include stance, proper way to hold your weapon, failure drills and other things to make you more effective. The cost for the class is $100. As part of the class less than lethal options will be presented. KT offers a full line of self defense items (stun guns, batons, OC spray etc. ) along with many other survival items.

The CCW class will also be taught in Saguache on Saturday, Feb. 18 at 10 a.m at the Saguache County Sheriff Department. The program will include the same as listed above.