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Saguache News – October 15


Saguache News – September 30

Entrepreneurship Camp for Saguache Students

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s an age-old question!

But thinking about the answer to that question when you have your whole life ahead of you can be exciting. And so it will go for students from Mountain Valley School in Saguache this week as they participate in a three-day Entrepreneurship Camp.

Mountain Valley School Sign

Mountain Valley School District host an Entrepreneurship Camp this week.

As part of HEART of Saguache/KV Student to Career Pathway Initiative, 8th -12th grade students will participate in the program from Thursday – Saturday, Oct. 4 – 5 at Mountain Valley School.

Then on Saturday, Oct. 6 from 2:30 -3:30 p.m. the Entrepreneurship Camp Business Presentation will take place, including the awarding of certificates. Members of the public are invited to come out and support the students, and hear the business presentations that they will have developed during the workshop.

The Entrepreneurship Camp is sponsored by HEART of Saguache/KV, Mountain Valley School and Youth Engagement Expert, Craig Schroeder. For more information please contact Stacey Amos Holden, HEART of Saguache/KV. (719) 849 0957

About the expert . . . .

Craig Schroeder _HEART Saguache

Craig Schroeder

Craig Schroeder grew up on his family’s farm near Holbrook in southwest Nebraska, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1986. In 1989, after an early career in international agriculture trade, Schroeder and his new bride, Dawn, a Los Angeles native, moved back to his hometown of 223 people and experienced firsthand what it is like for a farm boy to come home and a city girl to move to the country.

This decision resulted in an 11-year experiment in young adult recruitment and rural revitalization emerging from the eighties agricultural crisis. Schroeder’s work during this period included the conversion of his former high school into a regional business incubator that has also served as home base for GROW Nebraska for the past two decades.

Schroeder has committed his career to helping rural communities create more prosperous futures; working as a local economic developer, rural telecommunications policy leader, Executive Director of the Nebraska Rural Development Commission, Senior Fellow with the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, and President of the Heartland Center for Leadership Development. He has also served on several prominent state and national rural development boards and commissions during his career.

Schroeder’s work extends across 47 states involving well over 40,000 youth, and in Canada, Australia and Russia, helping community leaders, educators and economic development professionals implement effective youth engagement, workforce development and entrepreneurship strategies. And this week, he will be in Saguache working with students from Mountain Valley Schools! The results will be exciting – see you on Saturday!

Latest News – September 25

Schwartz to Discuss School Bond on Tuesday

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 26 former State Senator Gail Schwartz will speak in Saguache at the Community Center concerning the BEST Grant/Bond Issue. Mountain Valley School Superintendent Travis Garoutte will also join the discussion which begins at 6 p.m. The program includes a BBQ/Potluck gathering with burgers and fixins’ provided; please bring a dish to share if you can. 

Best Grant BBQ_Saguache Today

The Mountain Valley School District has the opportunity to secure funding for a new $30.7 Million Pre Kindergarten – 12 school. School district efforts have already secured a $27+ Million BEST grant that will cover almost 90% of the project expenses. This must be matched by a $3.72 Million bond issue that will be on the Nov. 7, 2017 ballot for approval. 

Learn more about the bond issue, get answers to questions and join the gathering of  good food and community. To arrange a tour of the current school building, contact Travis Garoutte, School Superintendent 719.655.2578.

Latest News – August 28

It’s Back-To-School Time in Saguache Today

You can feel the excitement that new notebooks and notepads bring to students in Saguache Today as the 2017/18 school year is officially underway.


Students in Saguache Today are Back-to-School. Make it a Great New Year! Photo: Mountain Valley Schools.

 “We have an adventurous school year ahead,” stated Mountain Valley RE-1 Preschool Director Lacy Reed via social media. While today marks that program’s first day, parents should note that the Pre-School’s enrollment has also been reported as FULL, with a growing waiting list. Questions may be directed to 719-655-2578 or email Reed directly at reedl@valley.k12.co.us.

Readers can access the FULL calendar for the 2017/18 academic year for Mountain Valley Schools HERE.

Also, parents and students should note that the official “Back-To-School” night is scheduled for this Thursday, August 31. This is a great opportunity to visit with teachers and school staff and see you child’s classroom, if you haven’t already!

Back to School Night

In other schools news, the district continues to make its case for the passage of a bond issue which will be taken to voters in the November election. Here is the latest information from Mountain Valley School Superintendent Travis Garoutte with a reminder of the next public meeting to be held tomorrow, August 29 at the school at 6 p.m. (details below).

Schools Make Case for Bond Issue

By Travis Garoutte, Mountain Valley RE-1 School District Superintendent

As you have probably heard, Mountain Valley School District has received a twenty-seven million dollar BEST Grant to build a new school and athletic facilities for our students and community. This grant requires a twelve percent match, which will come from a  $3.7 million bond to be voted on in November 2017.

I am excited about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve our school while providing a modern and updated educational facility for our community. Our school is the heart of the community, with numerous events taking place at MVS throughout the year.  

Art Festival 2017_Saguache Today_3

Representatives from Mountain Valley School District were available to distribute information and answer quesitons regarding the upcoming Bond Issue at the recent Saguache Art Festival on August 19. Photo: Saguache Today/Kathy Bedell.

In a 2009 site assessment, it was estimated that Mountain Valley School had almost $17 million in needs with a bonding capacity of only $3.7 million. Since that time, our needs have only increased. We currently have countless plumbing, electrical, roofing, HVAC, and security issues, with several components of our facilities well beyond their useful life. Without help from the BEST Grant, we will never be able to improve our situation or sustain our school district facilities in the future.

We will be having a BEST Grant and 2017 bond election community informational meeting at Mountain Valley School on Tuesday, August 29, 2017, at 6:00 PM. During this meeting, we will celebrate our success in obtaining the BEST Grant, review the proposed plan for the new school, discuss the 2017 bond election, answer questions, and seek community input.

EVERYONE is invited! We welcome and need everyone’s input! I hope to see you at our BEST Grant and 2017 bond election community meeting!

High School Students Access to Dual Enrollment

Educators across the state continue to provide additional opportunities to high-achieving students. In the following column, readers can hear from the State Board of Education’s representative for Saguache Today, Joyce Rankin who discusses some changes for high school students access to dual enrollment programs. Rankin is on the State Board of Education representing the Third Congressional District, which includes Saguache County. She writes the monthly column, “Across the Street” to share with constituents in her district.  

Education? “It’s complicated.”

By Joyce Rankin, State Board of Education

Joyce Formal sport coat

State Board Representative Joyce Rankin

Have you ever asked a question and been given the answer, “It’s complicated”? Me, too. It’s a frequently used phrase around the Colorado Department of Education.

Recently I was having a conversation with constituents when the following question was raised: “What are we doing for our high achieving students?” Well, it’s complicated.

In May 2009, the Colorado State Legislature passed House Bill 09-1319 and Senate Bill 09-285, the Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act. The concurrent enrollment program is defined as, “the simultaneous enrollment of a qualified student in a local education provider (high school) and in one or more postsecondary courses, including academic or career and technical education courses, which may include course work related to apprenticeship programs or internship programs, at an institution of higher education.”

Basically dual and concurrent enrollment are terms used interchangeably to describe college courses students take while in high school.  They can be taught by qualified high school instructors or through an agreement with a local community or four year college.

The 2009 bill also creates another program for students completing 12 post-secondary credit hours prior to the completion of 12th grade. The Accelerating Students through Concurrent ENrollmenT (ASCENT) program provides qualifying high school students a 5th year of tuition free college. At the end of the fifth year at their local education provider (high school), the student will receive their high school diploma.

AP or Advanced Placement is another way for students to take content rich courses over a wide range of information. Currently 34 courses are offered by highly qualified teachers in some Colorado high schools. Every May AP Examinations are administered to evaluate the skills learned in these courses. The tests are not mandatory however students taking the tests and performing well can earn college credit and advanced placement at many colleges.

Early college is also a chance for students to gain college credit. In this case enrolled high school students have the opportunity to graduate with either an associate’s degree or 60 credit hours toward the completion of a postsecondary credential.

These are a few of the opportunities currently being offered in Colorado high schools. Of course there are also blended learning classes that allow for coursework helpful in attaining certifications and college credit.           

At our August board meeting the education department will give us an overview of Postsecondary Workforce Readiness, and yes, it’s complicated.

Saguache School Calendar.jpg


Latest News – March 1

Saguache’s MVS Healthiest Schools in Colorado

Mountain Valley School (MVS)announced it was one of 46 schools named as a 2017 Healthy School Champion last week. This Friday, March 3, MVS will receive $500 Excellence Award for school health efforts at the Summit: Putting the Pieces Together, presented by The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI), Colorado Coalition for Healthy Schools, and the Colorado Healthy Schools Collective Impact, and sponsored by The Colorado Health Foundation, at the Sheraton Denver West Hotel, in Lakewood.

Megan Cleaver, right, stands with seventh-grader Laura Morfitt, in the greenhouse at Mountain Valley School in Saugache, where Megan helped get the greenhouse up and running last year. Photo: CDE

Megan Cleaver, right, stands with seventh-grader Laura Morfitt, in the greenhouse at Mountain Valley School in Saugache, where Megan helped get the greenhouse up and running last year. Photo: CDE

“We are so proud of our school and community for its commitment to making healthy choices and striving to educate others about health and wellness ” said Principal, Kathy Hill.

The annual summit recognizes schools that create and support a healthy school environment and also successfully implement effective school health efforts that support student learning.  Schools are awarded based on their implementation of best practices in school health through an assessment tool called Smart Source, a narrative outlining their work, and letters of support.

“For the winning schools, health and wellness is embedded into the culture and systems.  It’s about having an intentional investment to meet the needs of their students and staff in order to achieve academically,” explained CEI Director of School Health Amy Dyett.

The program has granted more than $300,000 in awards over the past seven years in the range of $300 to $7,500 per school.  Congratulations Mountain Valley Schools!spacer

Mountain Valley Schoosl Video Newsletter

Latest News – June 20


spacerMountain Valley School District Has Openings

Yes, the calendar does says it’s the official first day of summer and the kids JUST got out of school, but for teachers and staff, the work is never done! So, thank you Mountain Valley School District and make sure to get out and enjoy some summer.Mountain Valley Schools

spacerAnd if you’re looking to work for the school district, Mountain Valley Schools is accepting applications for the following positions:

Colorado Preschool Program Teacher/Director. Applicants should have or be in the process of obtaining early childhood education director qualifications. Completed applications should be received by Friday, July 1, 2016.

Special Education Paraprofessional. Applicants should be able to meet the Colorado Department of Education’s requirements for Highly Qualified Paraprofessionals, which are listed on the CDE website. Completed applications should be received by Friday, July 1, 2016.spacer

Let the kids play in the park, while educators take a short break and then head back to the classroom to prepare for another school year! Photo: Saguache Today.

Let the kids play in the park, while educators take a short break and then head back to the classroom to prepare for another school year! Photo: Saguache Today.

spacerDistrict Secretary. Applicants should have excellent communication skills and be technologically proficient in various office software applications. The District Secretary will be responsible for accounts payable, activity accounts, deposits, as well as general district office support. The District Secretary will work closely with the Superintendent and Board of Education. Completed applications should be received by Friday, June 24, 2016.

Part-time Music Teacher, who will be responsible for delivering curriculum to K-5 elementary students with possible expansion to middle and high school. This position could become full-time for candidates with multiple teaching endorsements. The applicant must have a commitment to working with students and staff in an inclusive model as a team player with excellent interpersonal skills.

Mountain Valley School District is also seeking qualified candidates to fill a current Board of Education vacancy. Successful candidates will be actively involved in the school community with a strong desire to empower and prepare every student for lifelong academic success and personal growth. Candidates must be a registered elector of the Mountain Valley School District for at least 12 consecutive months prior to appointment date. Letters of Interest should be received by June 28, 2016.

Mountain Valley School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Fingerprints and background check will be required.
Applications can be found online HERE and should be mailed to
Mountain Valley School
Attn: Travis Garoutte
PO BOX 127
Saguache, CO 81149