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A Recorder For The Times – Upgrade!

By Trish Gilbert, Saguache County Clerk & Recorder

New Recording System by LEDS, LLC –   icounty.org


  • FREE in-office record search
  • $25 for 24-hour access and twenty-five cents per page
  • $150 per month (through May 31st) and twenty-five cents per page
  • $250 per month (begins June 1st) and twenty-five cents per page
  • FTP site – Bulk Images monthly
  • May 2019, $150
  • June 2019, $250

Fees help offset our 2019 web hosting of our public access site and annual recording maintenance.  Searching the web saves the customer time and cost of travel to our office; however, we also have 2 public workstations that people can use at no cost, except for the copies they print.  Copies cost twenty-five cents ($ .25) per page; one dollar and twenty-five cents ($1.25) per page, if certified. 

The Clerk’s Office has adopted a modern approach to economic vitality.  A cloud-based approach can help us modernize cumbersome, paper-driven processes and aging, disconnected systems.

            With this approach we hope to:

  • Reduce paperwork, phone inquiries and in-person office visits while improving customer service and increasing staff productivity
  • Track development and decisions
  • Make compliance more predictable and processes more replicable

We spent over one year researching recording vendors.  We have had in-office demonstrations to view vendor processes.  We have communicated with other counties about their recording systems and customer service from their vendors.  We carefully and deliberately chose to go with LEDS, LLC.

LEDS provides outstanding customer service as well as additional services such as a Cash Tendering System.  This program works well with the new DRIVES system for generating reports that compliment motor vehicle reports, enabling us to disburse funds correctly.

LEDS, LLC is a thirty-seven (37) year old Colorado-based organization that specializes in providing governmental software solutions for Colorado agencies.  LEDS has provided products to over 37 different Colorado county clients who have utilized a variety of their solutions.  This large client base speaks for itself, indicating their success in this marketplace. 

The Saguache County Courthouse

They provide Recording and eRecording software, Public WEB Search of Recorded Documents for counties as well as digital imaging and backfilling solutions for their specific Recording and other generic needs.  LEDS approach is one of implementing the correct system for the correct application.

They strive to provide a comprehensive system that meets the County’s needs.  They provide a seamless integration to the third-party electronic recording submitters, document digitizing, imaging solution for scanning and searching of recorded documents.  With their scanning module, LEDS can provide additional redacting and OCR capabilities to the county.  LEDS can easily provide Public Search for both the local and WEB users.

Although LEDS is a small Colorado Business, their personnel and subcontractors bring to any project more than 30 years of experience and knowledge of Colorado County Government.

Their track record as a successful Colorado business is very impressive.  Their company and staff are dedicated to their customers.

LEDS has worked with federal, state, county and local government customers.  We are very proud to partner with them and look forward to the solutions they will provide to Saguache County.

If you have any questions, please contact our team:  Jane, Desiree, Ben, Dominique or Trish.  We are here to help.

The Saguache County Courthouse encased in its lofty pines! Photo: Saguahe Today

The Cost of Democracy in Saguache

By Trish Gilbert, Saguache County Clerk & Recorder

For the general election, the state will reimburse 90 cents per active voter. Since Saguache had 3,801 active voters on election day, the reimbursement amount will be $3,420.90.  

In terms of determining the costs to participating entities, there are a few ways counties go about allocating costs, but the first step is to itemize the costs and determine which entities (if any) are responsible for a share of the costs. Keep in mind that the county is also responsible for a portion of the cost because county races and a question was on the ballot. Saguache County allocates costs based on the number of voters in each jurisdiction. There’s no one right or wrong way to go about allocating costs.

Following is the cost break down for the 2018 GeneralElection:

To summarize, the cost per voter for the 2018 Saguache County General Election was $11.32. Yes, there is much more to an election than a paper ballot and envelope. In the midterm election, the state of Colorado came in with the second highest turnout in the nation having over 62% active eligible voters cast ballots.

Saguache County had over a 61% turnout.  Your vote is your voice.  Congratulations!!  Give yourselves a pat on the back for participating in this important process. You showed the nation that Saguache County VOTES!