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Preparedness in Saguache Today

On Saturday, March 14 Saguache Office of Emergency Management Director Bobby Woelz issued a number of updates concerning the COVID-19 outbreak. Here they are – stay well, look after your family, and check-in on friends and neighbors.

Currently, there are 0 cases of presumptive positive COVID-19 cases in Saguache County and the San Luis Valley.  We are taking proactive steps to ensure we are prepared for the COVID-19 outbreak when it reaches our community.

Saguache County Issued an Emergency Declaration was executed on March 14, 2020. Readers may view that order HERE.  

Saguache County Public Health Issued a STANDING PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER RELATED TO EVENTS on  March 14, 2020. Effective immediately: The Saguache County Public Health Department is prohibiting all events of 50 people or more.  Events with fewer than 50 attendees are required to take social distancing steps to mitigate the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

This does NOT include restaurants, as long as restaurants adhere to the requirements for social distancing.

The Village Pub in the heart of Saguache Today will remain open with new guidelines and to-go options in place. Visit their Facebook Page for the latest news from this popular eatery

This does NOT include schools.  At this point, we are not recommending closing schools, but we are watching the outbreak closely and may determine that school closures are necessary. Schools, parents and employers should take steps now to prepare for the possibility of prolonged mandatory closures.  Schools should plan for how to continue to provide non-educational support for their students, such as providing food, developmental disability support, and school-based healthcare.

Please see the attached order, or visit the Saguache County Website at: saguachecounty.net. Saguache County will not be actively searching for violations, but if we receive reports of events contrary to the order, we will reach out to the organizer to educate and provide guidance.

Collective action on preventative hygiene and minimizing social gatherings will significantly reduce the long-term impacts on our community. These short-term measures will build upon our resiliency and strength. We have one goal in mind – to mitigate the possible spread of the disease and avoid a longer-term risk to our community.

Saguache County is asking your cooperation in proactively implementing these measures. Director Bobby Woelz, Saguache County Office of Emergency Management. 719-588-0197. RWoelz@SaguacheCounty-co.gov